What are Little Boys Made of Shower

Friday, September 28, 2012

I posted about my new nephew Brycen.  What is one of the things you always have to do when preparing for a new baby?  Have a shower of course!  I posted on the Modern Vintage Blog about the shower a few weeks ago but wanted to recap it here also.

The planning committee + guest of honor
It was so fun planning this sweet shower for my sister-in-law and it has been so fun seeing her and my brother become first time parents.  I love all the sweet babies.

Isla is Ten Months Old!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

She is actually almost 11 but I thought I better at least post these photos before I completely miss ten months!

Isla at one month

Soccer Mom Status Accomplished

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

 First of all, have you ever watched three year old play soccer?  It is really close to World Cup standards only minus the pants and throw in a few tantrums.  Cian is playing his first organized sport this year and it might be the cutest thing since the wuzzles.

They handed out the uniforms at the first game and most of the kids look like they came to practice in their older brother's uniform.  It is a-freakin-dorable.  Cian's swallows him, his shorts fall past his knees and his socks come up to his thighs.
 I literally spend the first five minutes of the game laughing.  When the whistle blew one kid didn't have his soccer shorts back on yet, one was crying and most of the others were still trying to figure out where their goal was and what the heck they were supposed to do with this ball.  There are a couple David Beckham's in the making but most of them (my kid included) are a bit timid.

The sidelines are filled with parents trying to coax their child toward the ball.  Let me paint a picture for you: picture a big clump of three year olds, some in teal, some in red.  In the midst of all these tiny little bodies is a ball, we can call him Wilson.  Wilson is gonna get kicked four times and chased.  The lucky kid to break free of the clump kicks Wilson and sends him flying toward a goal (which you hope is the one they are supposed to be shooting for).  All the kids, except for the few who are wandering off to get a drink, then follow Wilson down the field where this sequence is repeated.  Both teams did score some goals and it is adorable.
 The games are short and they have a halftime to take a drink and hang out. Not all the kids play the entire time so they get some rest time with mommy and daddy.  At the beginning of the game they all have to point toward the goal they are going for so they have a destination in mind.
Cian was pretty timid at first but he has kicked the ball a few times now and seeing his big smile after being on the field is amazing.  I am glad he can get out there and have fun without any pressure yet.  The rules don't really apply to three year olds, hence the pants optional rule.  This does mean I have officially made my way into being a soccer mom.  I am fully embracing this term though I still don't have a van.

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