Tummy Tuesday; Growing!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It seems like the second half of pregnancy that belly that was once a little belly gets bigger and bigger every week. (This could be because the baby is growing much faster). This is definitely the case with me. Lately people have commented on how much my belly is growing, thankfully this time they haven't said things like "Oh my God, you're huge." Yet. People are good at losing tact when they talk to a pregnant girl. You would be surprised at the number of people that tell you how huge you are and say you look like you are about to bust when you still have three months to go. This time I am trying not to let this stuff bother me, but as it turns out huge doesn't feel good regardless of whether it is because of burgers or babies.

24 weeks with Isla

24 weeks with Cian


You will be here in about 16 weeks and I can't believe it is so close! I really hope your mom and dad get on the ball and get your room together before you show up. I can feel you moving around a lot, especially around 10 o'clock at night. This makes me a little nervous because your brother is a night owl and doesn't like to sleep and I am afraid the same might be true for you. We are going to decorate your room with owls, am I jinxing myself?? As of right now, you are breech. This means your feet are in my bladder and I can feel you kicks in my lower stomach area. You need to get your little bootie turned around, but if you don't it will be ok. It is truly amazing to feel you moving and kicking and it reminds me constantly that God has another little miracle cooking for us. I can't wait to see your little face and see the person you will turn into. For now, I will enjoy feeling you safe in my stomach and love every turn and kick that I get to feel from the inside. I will also know that you are one of the only people who have heard my heartbeat from the inside, and know that it beats for you and the family you are coming into.

I love you already,


Mommy Monday: Helper

Monday, June 27, 2011

If you know me then you know I have not always been the tidiest person. My room in high school had strategically placed spots so that I could jump over all my junk and make it to the bed. In college our house got cleaned before parties and that's about it. Now I am much cleaner than before, but still not up the the standards I would like to be. (Or the standards Steve would like me to be, haha). I am a bit bad at leaving my stuff everywhere. My son did not get this from me. He likes for things to be put away and closed. You also should know that in our house clean clothes might sit in a basket or on our bed for a few days (who am I kidding, a week) before they are folded and put away. Cian decided last week that he wanted his clothes put away the day the were washed so he helped.

We will have to work on separating and folding but this is a start!

All put away, in the same drawer...

All drawers and doors must be closed according to Cian

A little dance

I secretly think he did this to get out of bed time for a few minutes, but any signs of cleanliness work! Cian also loves to go put his plates and bowls in the sink after he finished eating. I really hope this behavior continues and it rubs off on me!!

Father's Day

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This year I had plans to give Steve his Father's Day gift on Father's Day. Turns out a two-year-0ld can't keep a secret about a gift. We went on Saturday morning to pick up the gifts and I called Steve on the way home. Cian asked to talk to him and said, "Daddy, we got you a movie." Well, cat one out of the bag. When we got home Steve was outside and Cian ran around to the back of the car and said, "mommy, get the Star Wars." Cat two just jumped out too. By this time Steve had realized he was getting a movie and new that the Star Wars meant legos. I was still going to try to wrap them but Steve just came around to the back of the car. Yep, that's how we roll in the George house, no wrapping--just stuck in the trunk.

My parents were on their way up so we were spending the day with them but that didn't stop Steve from immediately building some legos.The building was interrupted by a trip to Chuy's and some playing in the yard but Steve managed to put together a ship and an ATAT in record time. This also inspired him to put together all the little ships Cian had taken apart and put them all in one place.

We had fun running the yard and watching Star Wars with my parents. Cian love his Meme and Grumpa. (Unfortunately you won't see a lot of photos of Meme because she runs when the camera comes out).

It was nice having a Saturday off and spending time with the family!

Mommy Monday: Names

Monday, June 20, 2011

I worked a church camp last week called Character Quest (an entire post will come on that soon) and one of the days we did an activity where they asked the kids what their names were and asked each of them to tell a story about how you got your name. They also looked up the origin and meaning of everyone's name. I really liked the activity and it got me thinking about my kids names and their stories.

I know each of my children will write their own story, a story that began within me. I wanted to share the story of their names:

Cian, Irish and Gaelic origin. Meaning: ancient. Steve and I started looking at names almost as soon as we found out we were pregnant and could not decide on a name, all the boy names we picked out were ok with one of us, but none of them stood out. One Sunday we were at his parent's house looking at baby name books and we found the name Cian. We both liked it instantly. It was different (something we were looking for) and it was Irish. Steve's family is Irish so we were excited to name our baby something Irish. We picked out some girl names that night as well. At this point we didn't know whether he was a boy or a girl. The very next week Bill and Karen received a book in the mail. (I actually have no idea what this book was about). There was a boy in the story named Cian. None of us had ever heard that name before, so when they called us to tell us about the book we knew we were having a little boy. (Well we were pretty darn sure). God has a cool way of letting you know things. Sure enough we were having a boy and out little Cian Matthew had a name.

Isla, origin: English, meaning: Scottish Island. Our little Isla isn't here yet but she still has a story that is beginning. As she is being knit together in my womb God is working on the story of her life. With her we also didn't know if she was a boy or girl when we picked out a name. We decided not to talk about names this time until we found out the sex of the baby. I was looking at a web site called Pinterest, (and unless you need another addiction don't go there) and saw a maternity photo of a girl holding up a sign that said Isla Harper. I loved the name! I had heard that one before but hadn't thought about it. I brought it up to Steve and he liked it too. I had a feeling after seeing that name that we might be having a girl. (God is good at giving clues). I was afraid I might be wrong with this one but I wasn't! I can't wait for Isla Kathering to be here so we can have a face to go along with a name.

My name is Hebrew and means, Bound. Steven is English and means Crown.

There is our name game for Monday!

My Dad

Monday, June 20, 2011

So I might be a day late but Happy Father's Day to my dad! Thank you for always being there for me and always keeping things fun! Even the times I thought you were embarrassing are funny looking back. A good dad is truly a blessing in a girl's life and you have blessed me!

Because Dads are Different...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Moms and Dads were made different for a reason. We each have our place in the family and do different things for our kids. I know each dynamic is different but this is kind of how it is in our house...

Dad will play with you and take the time to go outside and shoot guns or put legos together for hours.
Dad will let you watch the same Star Wars cartoons over and over and over again and will be whatever character you decide you want him to be.
Dad will stay up late and make sure you get back in bed, even after you have gotten up forty times.
Dad will give you hugs and kisses and tell you he loves you.
Dad will be so proud of you every time you hit a milestone and for everyday things.
Dad will let you help him out with things around the house.
Dad will "chase" you with the lawn mower.
Dad will make sure you grow up to be a good man and show you how to be just like him.

I am so thankful for the dads in my life, especially the one who is the dad to Cian and soon little Isla!

Happy Father's Day!!

TV Boy

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I have a son who loves to watch TV. I mean this is the first thing he wants to do when he wakes up. I normally hear a "mommy"and then a "can I watch....(fill in the blank with the movie of the week)." He is really starting to get into the movie and tv watching and playing with his toys while he watches. For instance, we were watching Despicable Me and Gru (the main character) has a freeze ray. Gru points the gun at people and yells "freeze ray" and as you can imagine, they freeze. While Gru was freeze raying people Cian grabbed his biggest gun and pointed it at the tv yelling "freeze ray".

I was able to catch some of his playing on camera the other day when we were watching Dave and the Giant pickle. He was watching and when the pickle went down he started yelling "the pickle went down and jumping up and down". A. I love his enthusiasm. B. I love his enthusiasm about veggie tales.

Watching intently

That pickle is going down!!

The celebration! Way to go Dave!!

We always have to make time for hugs with mommy.

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