Wednesday, September 7, 2011

34 Weeks

 So I guess I missed Tummy Tuesday.  (I also missed Mommy Monday but who's counting).  While Steve was painting Isla's ceiling tonight I decided to test our new camera and take some belly photos.  I should point out that at this point, and I can only tell by the photo, we had Cian's room painted and his furniture put together.  At least we started on the ceiling so I guess we are getting closer...

I feel like a broken record but I can't believe I only have six weeks left!  The sad thing is that I am worrying about all the things I need to get done around the house and for work that I really don't want her to come early.  (Ok, maybe a week or so would be acceptable).  I think I should prepare myself for an early arrival simply because I am banking on her being late.  Cian was still cooking past his due date so I think Isla will be too, but we all know she isn't coming on my timeline.

As more and  more girly stuff shows up around the house it is becomes more apparent that our lives are changing and we are getting ready to accept a new member into our family.  One that will change the dynamic forever.  I know it will be for the good and I can't wait to see how our family changes and grows with the tiny life that will come into it.  I am cherishing my last few weeks with just my little boy and hugging him tighter knowing that things are changing for him as well.  It will never just be the two of us hanging out all day or watching a movie with pizza in bed while daddy is working late.  It will be better because we will have another little one to share in the fun with us.  I am not sure how excited he will be about the sharing part at first but I am sure she will grow on him.  They will be ganging up on me in no time.  Isla will not take away any love for Cian, I am sure my heart will grow two sizes when she is born to make room for her.

Our outings as a family of three are becoming fewer and though it is said that three is a magic number, I think four might be even more magical.  We can't wait to meet you baby Isla.
Growing Baby!
34 Weeks with Cian

Sometimes When it Rains it Pours...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Today was literally one of those days.  Not only was it rainy (although rainy and 65 not rainy and 100 like it has been) but my life rained on me today.  It was one of those days when you are so happy to see these faces:
My Love

My sweet Cian

So I am his mom but who wouldn't love this face?

It isn't like today was the worst day in history but I did receive an official award today---worst driver in history.  The day started with a trip to work for a few hours and then a trip home to play.  Well Cian and I ventured back out to run some errands (i.e. get a bunch of stuff I need to get done for a photo shoot and have very limited time to do).  We were pretty close to destination one while driving in my trusty old mustang when I felt my tires begin to hydroplane.  Driving a rear wheel drive car this happens kinda frequently in the rain.  I was probably two car lentgths behind the car in front of me and going about 25 so I pumped my breaks to try to stop.  The did not oblige.  I was pumping and they were not stopping in time.  Well, I think they were trying but the tires were skidding.  Guess what happens when you hydroplane and there is a car in front of you, cars in the lane beside you keeping you from swerving and a sidewalk on the other side of you?  Yep, you guessed it--you hit the car in front of you.  If you know me and my driving record (and if you don't I am not going to to tell you so you won't be afraid to get out on the road) you know the last thing I needed was ANOTHER accident.  Well I had gotten myself into one.

It all happened pretty fast actually and when we hit the car in front of us it was just hard enough to cause the airbags to deploy.  When air bags deploy they let out the most noxious and funky smoke and smell.  I immediately jumped out of the car and ran to grab Cian who was sleeping in the back seat.  I think I scared him because I said we had to get out of the car and pulled him into the rain.  I didn't think the airbag hit my stomach but my arm was swelling from where I must have had it in front of the bag. I also bit my lip and it was bleeding.  I think my appearance freaked out not only my son but the unsuspecting guy that I rear-ended.  I felt doubly bad when the guy told me he was on his way to court.  (Driver of the year goes to...).

I called the police and when I did Cian was crying in the background so they sent a firetruck, police car and ambulance.  This was kinda cool for Cian. (silver lining)?  They checked us out a bit and I told them I was fine and while we were in the ambulance Steve pulled up.  (Knight in shining armor and chauffeur).  When we got out the poor guy I hit had left to go to court.  This turned out to be some saving grace for me. The police officer finished the report and only gave me a warning for following too closely.  (Can you say hallelujah???).  They called a tow truck but when the driver got there he said the car was driveable, a fact that Steve had already figured out.  The driver cut off the driver's side airbag and didn't charge us anything for coming out.  (Again, thank you Lord)!  I would recommend Radford's wrecker anytime!  We made it home and in the meantime I talked to my doctor's office and they wanted me to go in to monitor Isla for a bit.  By a bit they meant four hours.  I only ended up having to stay for two and everything looked good with my little chick.  (Third thank you Jesus for the day).

The sad part is that I was upset I couldn't make it to the gym and stressed over the work I need to get finished. Someone might need to get their priorities straight?  Thankfully all the George's made it home safe tonight and are accounted for.  I have to remember that sometimes His blessings come through raindrops...
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