Diaper Cakes for Special Kids

Monday, February 28, 2011

Many of you know that I run for Team ASK and raise money for Special Kids throughout the year. (i.e. my crazy self running a marathon). Well I am working to raise $1100 for Special Kids by the end of April this year. Instead of just writing friends and family again (yep, I know you are all glad about that) I have decided to make diaper cakes and sell them with all the proceeds going to Special Kids. To find out more information about them look here.

Diaper cakes are a really fun gift for a baby shower or for a new mommy. They can be a great decoration and are completely practical and functional! I am selling three different size "cakes" that range from small to very large. Here are some examples of diaper cakes I have made:

The pricing for these fun gifts are as follows:

One Tier Cake: $25 (depending on embellishment)
27 diapers
1 receiving blanket
mini bottle or baby wash
decorative ribbon
cake topper or monogram

Two Tier Cake: $40 (depending on embellishments)
50 diapers
2 receiving blankets
decorative ribbon
bottle or baby wash
monogram or themed items

Three tier cake: $60-$75 (depending on embellishments)
70 diapers
3 receiving blankets
bottle, baby wash, or sparkling cider to toast with after the baby is born
monogram and or themed items

I will make each "cake" to order and can theme it around the nursery or anything you want. They can be made for a boy or a girl or gender neutral. Please call or e-mail me to purchase one or let me know what you would like. Remember each diaper cake is for Special Kids and your gift will also help a family in need!

I am making two this week so I will post photos of those as I am finished. Thank you!


Becca George

What's a girl to do??

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cian is taking a late nap and though I should be doing the oogles of housework I need to do I chose to search through the attic and play around on Etsy. While in the attic I came across some cute old notes Steve wrote me when we started dating. Ahhh, young love. I won't divulge what they said because I think he got embarrassed even reading them. That is not to say they were dirty, just cute. It made me smile remembering when we first started dating and how new and exciting everything was. I am so glad we started there and are right where we are in our journey together. I also found our Darth Mickey and Jedi Mickey from Disney Star Wars weekends in 2005. Score!

Perhaps my happiest find of the day were these adorable charms on Etsy from Wonderland Contraband. Just looking at them made me happy. Here were my favorites:

Nearly Headless Nick

Wesley and Buttercup


They are kind of so cute they make me squeal. I want some.

Star Wars Legos

Thursday, February 17, 2011

In case you haven't noticed, we are raising a Star Wars geek. There, I said it. Cian loves Star Wars. He has all these figures that he will play with forever and he never leaves home without a light saber. He also wants to wear his Star Wars shirt over his button up shirts to church every Sunday. He wears them so much that a couple weeks ago when I dropped him off one of the guys in the nursery asked me if he had a Star Wars shirt on. It's becoming somewhat of a signature.

This weekend we went to Chattanooga to visit my parents and celebrate all the birthdays that have happened since Christmas. My aunt asked me what to get Steve and I suggested Star Wars legos. (He has wanted them for as long as we have been dating and still reminds me about the Millennium Falcon that we didn't buy that is now worth $1,000). When he opened them he was so surprised and excited. In fact, he decided that when we got back into town he would use the money he got for his birthday from my parents to buy legos that he and Cian could play with together. So we trekked our little family out to Toys-R-Us for a lego finding adventure.

You have to understand something about Steve, he loves his geek toys and I knew this was not going to be quick, easy in and out trip. We looked at a few different sets that came with huge ships but Cian was carrying around one with four little clone troopers the entire time. Steve finally decided on a set and we asked Cian to put his clone troopers up. Oh man, all hell broke loose. He actually threw himself down in the aisle at the store. Fun times.

Well we did what any good parent would do and gave in to the screaming toddler. I have to justify this by saying, we never do this. Also, Steve was buying the toys so he and Cian could play together not so Steve could play with a big ship and Cian could watch him. We decided it would be better to get the smaller ones so Cian could play too. So we made him calm down and say please and them we gave in. (Yep, hanging head in shame).

When we got home I cooked dinner while the boys put together their new toys. They had so much fun! And Cian has asked to play with his "clone trooper, little ones" every day when we get home.

Cian with his beloved Clone troopers

This was the first picture we tried to take. Cian is getting up because he threw himself on the ground again...

Boys and toys...

Snow Day

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It is little hard to write about this since it was 60 degrees yesterday but last week we had a snow day. We have actually had quite a few this winter (and I am a bit ashamed of this) but this was the first one in which I have taken Cian out to play. The others I was either at work or we were trying to travel to/from Chattanooga.

Cian doesn't actually have any snow boots so I did what any resourceful parent would do and tied plastic grocery sacks on his feet. (This is the greenest use I have found for them yet). He did NOT like this. It was really hard getting him dressed to go out because he didn't understand why he had to stop playing with his Star Wars toys and put two layers of clothes on and bags on his feet.

He was a little nervous at first walking on the white stuff because he thought it would be "sliperly" but after I showed him we could run around he loved it. He was watching the dogs run and then wanted me to run to a spot and he would run after me. He yelled "yun" and I would take off. Once I got there he would laugh and come running after me.

The sun came out and melted the snow and I had to go to work but we had fun playing in it.
The sun is in my eyes mom..

Arwen an Abby taking a break to stand on the picnic table

Figuring out our next move

Abby, Speedy and Arwen

Mommy Monday: My Valentines

Monday, February 14, 2011

You know what the good thing is about having two boys in the house? I have two Valentines! Steve is not big on Valentine's Day (yep, I have accepted that fact that we will never do anything for v-day) but that doesn't mean he isn't my sweet Valentine. Here is a sneak peek at my boys (and at a blog coming soon):

2010 Photo Review

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yep, I realize we are halfway through the second month of the year and I am just getting to my 2010 review. That about sums up my life!

2010 was a good year, Cian learned to walk, run, jump, talk, had three hair cuts and more! We had a couple vacations, Steve's parents renewed their vows, we saw some Preds games, re-did our bathroom, I saw Paul McCartney, worked Character Quest and countless other things. We welcomed a sister in law on my side and a new baby on Steve's side. Here is a photo review to sum up our year. (You may want to get comfy, we took a lot of photos)...

I am really excited about what 2011 is going to bring. I feel like this will be a season of change!

Mommy Monday: Bedtime Battles

Monday, February 7, 2011

I dream about a nice relaxing evening with a trip to the gym, dinner and a glass of wine, maybe some reading and going to be at my leisure. That is just a dream. Sometimes I think about my friends who do not have kids and envy their evening like this. I wouldn't give up Cian for the world and I actually like dinner with him and Steve and reading books and saying prayers with a bitty boy a lot better than the nights when it was just me but the evening bedtime battle raging in our house makes for very tedious twilight hours.

In short, my child doesn't like to sleep. I know this is crazy since he came from me and I am the one who falls asleep mid-sentence. When it is time for bed we start getting Cian ready and tell him it's time to put his jammies on. He used to get excited about this but now he just know what's coming, bedtime. We read a book and say his prayers (which is mostly me saying them and him listening) and then it is time for night-night. This is where the fun begins. I should interject here that Cian lays right down in bed for Steve. He cries for a few minutes but lays right down. If I am here he starts saying "you gotta stay me mommy,"and "don't lee me mommy" as soon as I tell him it's time for bed. At first I tried staying with him for a few minutes and singing to him and rubbing his head. This worked a few times until he decided if I was still in the room it was time to play. Yep, trying to jump off the bed and starting to get toys out.

I tried putting him in bed and asking him to keep his eyes closed for a few minutes but the second I walk out the door he jumps up and runs to the door or out it. I also tried just putting him back into bed without saying anything and walking out. He jumped up each time and ran out crying for about an hour and then turned it into a game and started laughing and running. I have tried spanking him and making him stand in the corner. I have just shut the door and let him cry for about 30 minutes but he will stand at the door beating on it and screaming for me. I have honestly resorted to sending Steve in most nights to get Cian to fall asleep. (Yep, I took the easy way out).

Bedtime tears can be frustrating and usually leave me exhausted and ready for bed. (I know, poor Steve). I am sure we will get it figured out one day, maybe by the time he's 15 Cian won't be crying for us at night...

Playing with Daddy before bed

Life is good in the morning!


Monday, February 7, 2011

So, I do have a Mommy Monday coming later today but I had to stop to give you some thoughts that I have this morning.

Today is an anomaly, it is 9:45 and my child is still asleep. Yes, he is usually up by 7 or 7:30 and today he is still racked out. (He did get up and come to my bed around 7 and is in there by himself). This has given me a chance to just sit and read on the couch. For a mom, these moments are few and far between. I am currently reading The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning for my book club. The book is talking about truly accepting the grace of Jesus like a sinner, like we are. Accepting the fact that we do not deserve it nor can we earn it but it is there nonetheless.

A quote I read today was "There is a beautiful transparency to honest disciples who never wear a false face and do not pretend to be anything but who they are." I love this. I prayed that I could be transparent. That I will not hide who I am, I am beautiful and flawed. I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend who makes mistakes and needs grace from the people around me and from our awe inspiring God. Sometimes I will drink too much wine, or say things that are insensitive. I will yell at my family and ignore my son when he tries to give me kisses. I will get too wrapped up in what is on TV or what I feel like "needs" to get done. I will not take the time to give my husband the attention he needs. I will not listen to the advice he gives me and I will do what I want to do anyway. I will worry too much about me and what I want to do. I will not call my friends enough of spend enough time with them. In spite of all this and much more I pray that these people will love me anyway and when someone does these things to me that I will remember the unfailing redemptive love of Christ and show it to them and to each and every person I come into contact with.

The book was also talking about how we need to yearn for and not lose a sense of wonder. I think the things God breathed into existence out of nothing are the most wondrous things on Earth. Yes, the newest technology is pretty stinkin cool but will never be as amazing or breathtaking as a rainbow or a sunrise. It will never bring me to tears like the blooming springtime or a baby's first breath. God is our creator and is my creative influence. If only I could tap an ounce of His creativity. This got me thinking about how He breathed each and every one of us into existence. Just like He made the beautiful sunset, He made each one of us. I am so thankful He made Steve with special care and that He used Steve and I as vessels to bring our precious little Cian into this world. I pray that I can always look at my little family and the world outside of us with a sense of wonder and amazement at how God brought us into being and to each other.

I want a new office

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Well really a computer room. Steve and I share a computer room and therfore it can't be too girly. He spends more time in there than I do right now so I guess I should listen to his opinion. The room currently has a BUNCH of furniture in it and carpet that I am sooo ready to pull up. (Have I mentioned that we have three dogs and a broken vacuum cleaner??) We are by no means ready to completely re-do this room but I can dream right? Here are some of my dreams/ideas:

My absolute favorite. I have been drooling over this desk for years and really, really want to make one. Anyone know where I can get a sweet old door like this??

(photo from theinspiredroom.net)

I really like this one because it has a double desk. Can you just see Steve and I in there backs to each other, him playing WOW and me designing some sweet wedding/party stuff??
(photos from cheyennemillwork.com)

I looove the color of the wall in this one and the boxes on the wall
(photo from photoexit.com)

I like each of these because they are more realistic to my space. Yep, that means small.
(photo from unplggd.com)

Yeah, I know this isn't exactly an office but it is really cool!

(photo from decorpad.com)

Girl Time in Orlando

Thursday, February 3, 2011

So a few weeks ago I posted about my marathon in Orlando. I have not yet posted about the trip and the photos. Steve and Cian were not going down with me since we had just been in September so my friend Bonnie came. I was feeling pretty guilty about leaving Cian for an entire weekend but I was also really excited about a weekend away! I did miss him a bunch but enjoyed time as just Becca with no other responsibility. (Except to eat right and be ready to run 26 miles).

The first night we were there we went to eat with Ryan, Steve's cousin that we lived with when we were in Florida. (I will have to update some of these photos when I get them from Bonnie). We went to my favorite place, Bahama Breeze, where we used to hang out and sat on the patio. Yep, warm enough to sit on the patio. Poor Ryan got pulled over within a few feet of our hotel but got off with just a warning.

Our room at the Contemporary

The half marathoners

Saturday started off with a viewing of the half marathoners running by our hotel and a wild goose chase for discount tickets. They had tickets for a MUCH better price for the people down for the race but it turns out you had to order them before the events started on Thursday. (Which is when I got on to get them). Next time I will not procrastinate and I will save myself a benjamin. We planed out the parks we were going to and hit up Hollywood Studious first. Of course we rode Tower of Tower twice, in a row! There is a new Toy Story ride there that is awesome! We ended the night at Magic Kingdom for a couple rides. We left pretty early that night to go to dinner with my friend's Fabi and Matt and thier daughter Lauren. I knew I wanted to go to be early and eat Italian and I did both of those. (Though I don't think I fell asleep until after 11).
Yep, that's Betty White's bust...

We did play on the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground

Sunday I was up at 3am and getting ready for the run. (Which I know you have ready all about). After racing I went back to the hotel and took an ice bath a shower and headed back to Epcot. We spent the entire day there on Sunday. We rode all the rides and then when it was dinner time headed back to the World Showcase for some drinking around the world. (Don't judge, I had the extra calories for the day and no baby)! The first country is Canada which we decided to skip. Labatt is not really my thing. We went to the UK next and got a Strongbow cider beer. Yum! We wandered into a gift shop that had a ton of Beatles stuff and then I spotted a stage with a Beatles looking logo on it. We wandered out and talked to a lady originally from the UK. The band ended up being so fun playing a lot of British invasion stuff so we stayed for one more cider and a bit of dancing. (It made up for what we skipped in Canada). We moved on to France next and ate some crepes and I had wine and Bonnie had Champagne. Next came Germany for a tour of wines. (All small samples of sweet white wines). Then we skipped a bunch and ended with a margarita in the last country which was Mexico. The Magic Kingdom was open until 11 that night so we had a nightcap there. By nightcap I mean a great ride on Space Mountain!

Snow White called me a princess!

Our Strongbows

Wine in France

Tour of German wine

Crazy girl antics. It was really hard to climb up on that thing with sore legs..

I had a lot of trouble sleeping on Sunday night because my legs were ANGRY at me. Every timeI would turn over I would wake myself up. We woke up early on Monday to get one last trip to the park in before our flight that evening. Animal Kingdom was our finale. For those who ran the marathon the day beofore they gave a free ticket into a park. I think they did this because they knew we would be in so much pain that we might forgo the parks. Not this girl. Thankfully I didn't really start hurting until midway through the day and at that point we had seen everything and it had started pouring so we couldn't get on any rides. (Thank God for small blessings). The storm that was bringing 5-7 inches of snow brought lots of rain to Florida. We were pretty worried that our flight wouldn't go into Chattanooga but it was one of the only two flights from the Sanford airport that went in. (Again, thank God for small blessings).

This brings me to the funniest story of the trip, the one where we got the cops called on us. Yep, delinquints. Our hotel had a free shuttle to the Orlando airport but we had flown into the Sanford airport so we had to search for a shuttle that wasn't $120. We found a guy and he picked us up and trucked us the 30-40ish minute trip. (I couldn't get any of my friends to pick me up because it was a Monday and they were all working). On the way he told us about his five kids and that he was the owner of the transfer company. When we got there he helped us out and we paid him. We paid him the fare and not a tip. (Again, don't judge me). We didn't tip him for two reasons, a. he is the owner and what he makes is pure profit for him and b. that was all the cash we had left. Well we got through security and were waiting in line for food when Bonnie gets a text from our cab driver saying that he gave us a "great" deal expecting we would tip at least twenty percent and we owed him $20 for his tip. I would like to point out that 20 percent of our fare was not $20 but $14. Bonnie text him back to say that a tip was not guaranteed (servers cringe here) and that he was the owner and this was not a professional way to run your business. He called her 21 times after this. Not exaggerating. He text her some more and said he called the cops because we had underpaid him. I thought this was a load of bull because what cop would waste their time with this but sure enough two cops came walking our way. Holy crap, serously??

We filled out police reports and it ended with the fact that our fabulous driver would have to take it to small claims court which would cost more than the $20 ($14) we "owed" him. Obviously this guy didn't think about the fact that we would show the cops the text messages and ridiculous amount of phone calls. They told us that he had even written down the amount he charged us and tried to change it. Pretty funny that our trip ended with a run in with the law.

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