Potty Training and Depends

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This is the face of a two year old on the potty. A two year old who never wants to be on the potty I might add. It is not that the little angel doesn't know how to hold it, or even where he is supposed to go potty it is just that the stubborn little bogger does.not.want.to.go. You would think I asked the kid to give away all his Star Wars toys for good when we ask him to sit on the potty. So I did what every good mother would do, bribe him. Yep, with candy, popsicles, toys, I even brought in the big guns and mentioned chuck-e-cheese. How much of this worked you ask? Zero. Zilch. He still acts like it is a torture chamber on that potty. So I went to plan b, letting him watch tv on the potty. What man doesn't bring entertainment in there? You may turn your nose up at this but it is what will get him to stay there for the marathon potty sessions so don't judge.

If you don't have kids you may not realize what there marathon potty sessions are. They are when you see your child grabbing themselves and know they need to use the bathroom so you take them in there to go and said child will not go. That's right, sits on the toilet needing to go to the potty for a good 15 minutes but refuses to let out even a trickle. In two-year-old world this is hours. Since we were spending time like this a few times a day and the screaming was becoming a regular occurrence I decided to bring back the video playing. It makes it easier on everyone.

We made Cian a chart so we can put a sticker on each time he goes to the potty. I bought him some pretty cool Star Wars stickers and the Star Wars undies are next. You know what is the most fun thing about potty training? Running around in your underwear outside with a light saber. Yep, we are that family.

The good news is we had success! Actually five times this week and twice yesterday! He even went in there on his own yesterday. (So he forgot to pull down his undies but some went in the potty and that is success in my book). We rewarded him with some new "little toys" (Star Wars legos) and he gets a popsicle and sticker every time. Hopefully those rewards will be much more frequent in the coming days.With the territory of potty training comes many soiled undies, which is very similar to pregnancy. I am not sure which one of us is actually having more trouble going on the potty, me or him. This is where you should stop reading if you are the faint of heart. Along with your waistline this little thing called bladder control leaves you when you get pregnant. Maybe it is the human kicking and flopping on your bladder from the inside? Don't try coughing or sneezing or even yelling when you feel the slightest bit like you might have to use the bathroom. That is unless you want to change your pants. I feel like the depends fairy may have to make a stop at my house and bring me some diapers. Don't even get me started on the hot lingerie they send you home from the hospital with and the body diapers you get to put in them. At least I have something to look forward to...

Happy potty training to mom and toddler!

Tummy Tuesday; Whooo are you?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today was an exciting day in the George house. I had my third ultrasound of this pregnancy. The first two were in the very beginning just to check for the heartbeat so I couldn't see much more than a blob with a yolk sack. (Appetizing right)? Steve, Karen and my mom went to the hospital to see their little grandchild. We got to see all the limbs and see that baby peanut doesn't have two heads of seven arms. The baby looks healthy so far and weighs 11 ounces. It was so exciting to see the new life inside my belly looking like a human and a decently forming one.

When we went to Cian's ultrasound we got a string of photos of all his different parts but in true second child fashion, we only have one photo of this one. It is one of those 3d photos which scare me. I really think children look more like aliens on those things than anything else. I guess an ultrasound photo doesn't really do any child justice. We did get a disc with all the other photos of the profile and feet, legs, etc.

We went to celebrate a so far healthy baby after the ultrasound to Steve's favorite place, Red Robin. Steve's best friend Kevin was in town so we were able to eat with his family. Kevin and his wife Kelly have six kids, that's right, I said six. I have to say that they were better behaved than Cian in a public place. I guess after a few you get this child rearing thing down. I was taking notes.

Did we find out the sex, you ask? Well of course we did! (I'm a planner, I can not decorate a room without knowing)! Without further adieu....

We are having a little girl! The George family of four will be even, two boys and two girls. I am praying for a little daddy's girl. (Yep, I already had that onesie with plans to give it away if we were having a boy. It was on sale, I'm a sucker for a sale)! We had already decided on a girl's name before today, we know the first name will be Isla and the middle name will most likely be Katherine.

I should add that Cian thinks that onesie belongs to him and cried when we took it away. Oh Lord you do not know what is coming child...

Featured Party of the Day!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The First Communion party I blogged about yesterday is the featured party of the day today at Catch My Party! You can check it out here:


This makes me want to eat some of this to celebrate:

Since I have to get on the scale tomorrow and I want to avoid weighing a ton, I will pass and eat some blueberries instead...

Party Time

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A couple weeks ago I was asked to help with a first communion party for some members of Stones River CC. Of course I totally jumped at the chance to plan a party! They were having a formal brunch the morning of the communion for family and a more laid back barbecue the evening after for four of the kids who had their first communion that day and friends. We decided to go with a laid back barbecue theme. We used a red, blue and brown color scheme and used red and burlap for the table linens.

I made signs with each one of the kids names on them and stuck them in the ground with balloons so they would all see them as they arrived.

The party was in their back yard with a pool so the kids could swim and play while the parents enjoyed themselves. They had a gate leading into the pool area so I made two wreaths to hang on either side of the gate.
For the adult table we did a red linen with a burlap overlay. They had Henry's Florist put together some arrangements and we put some candles in mason jars.

We did a similar set up for the kids tables but without the fire. They also set up a screen so the kids could play the wii and watch movies once it got dark outside. (I mean how cool is that??)

My favorite part of any party is the dessert table. I made two topiaries, one with dum dums and the other with tootsie roll pops. (which I quickly figured out need to me much much shorter next time I make them. Sucker are heavy!!). My friend Melisa made the whoopie pies and cupcakes. (She owns Meme's mini cakes and pies and they are ah-mazing). She made vanilla with pink lemonade frosting, cookies and cream and cherry limeade. We also put candy in mason jars and put it on top of one of my grandparents old coca-cola crates. We also made cupcake wrappers and toppers for the cupcakes. (The wrappers never actually made it on because I didn't think ahead to bring the double-sided tape).

A big thanks to my friend Angie Gambill for stopping by to capture the details for me that afternoon!

Tummy Tuesday

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Steve made the observation the other day that I don't particularly like being pregnant. We were looking back at photos from last time and he said my smile looked forced in most of the photos and I just didn't seem to overly like being pregnant. I hate to admit it but I think this is true. Ok wait, before you start judging hear me out. I was very nostalgic about being pregnant and I truly love and would never give up the outcome of pregnancy.

There is nothing like holding your baby and looking into their little eyes for the first time. There are also some really great things to being pregnant like feeling your baby kicking and feeling their little hickups. It is also incredible to know that God is knitting together a person in your womb and working through me to bless someone else. I also think the pregnant body is absolutely beautiful, on everyone else. I decided to make a pro and con list to the things I experience during pregnancy:

  • Peeing your pants. One of the number one annoying things about pregnancy
  • Swelling. I mean the kind that you can't put your shoes on and you press in on your leg and still see an indention.
  • The in between stage. This second trimester is the most comfortable but it is also the one where you look like you had a few too many six packs instead of a new life in your stomach. With Cian I totally freaked out when I had to go buy new clothes in a larger size but this time I am surprisingly a little more ok with it.
  • Gaining weight. I know it is necessary but that doesn't make it easy so see that scale creep up and up and up.
  • Not being able to sleep on your stomach or your back. I am a stomach sleeper. This is hard for me. It actually says you are supposed to try to sleep on your left side. (And by It I mean the pregnancy bible "What to Expect When Expecting"). Have you ever tried not to roll over on your stomach or back in your sleep? Give it a whirl.
  • Call me selfish, but I miss drinking wine.
  • Comments about how "huge" you are. I already feel like a whale without you pointing it out. Not ok, I would never say that to someone who is just overweight!!
  • Impending childbirth. Enough said.
  • A miracle happening inside your body while you go about your daily life.
  • As I mentioned earlier, feeling the baby kick is one of the coolest things ever. It is nice to feel their movements . It's like them saying, "I am here mommy and I am growing and waiting to meet you".
  • Boob growth. Yep, maybe that is not an ok think to say in your blog but it is a definitely perk!!
  • Hearing the heartbeat and seeing your baby move on an ultrasound. Just small reminders about life and your part in helping create it.
  • A brand new wardrobe. Even if it is slightly bigger and less flattering than your old one, buying new clothes is fun.
  • The fun of guessing the sex and anticipation about what your baby will look and be like. Also of dreaming about the little life that will soon be such a huge part of yours.
  • Eating. Yep, eating. This contributes to the con weight gain but it is fun nonetheless.
  • Impending childbirth. It is amazing, and amazing that our bodies can do that.
I am now 18 weeks and get to find out the sex of the baby next Tuesday, woohoo! Here is a photo of me this week:

18 weeks

19 weeks with Cian (I didn't have one from 18 weeks)

Easter (better late than never)

Monday, May 16, 2011

I know Easter was weeks ago but it is such am important day that I feel like I can't go without a post about the weekend. I usually work on Easter Sunday so I kind of like to make a whole weekend out of it. I mean really the entire weekend is about Jesus anyway so why shouldn't we make the entire weekend about Him too. (Ok, our entire lives actually...).

I took Friday off and went to Chattanooga for a "Water for Elephants" premier. Part of the movie was filmed there and I loved the book so I jumped at the chance to go see it with my girls when they said they were going. That is a totally different post though!

My church has Easter services at the Murphy Center at MTSU. They have services Saturday and Sunday, and as I mentioned, I always work Sunday so Saturday is our day to go. I helped with the K-3rd grade kids this year while Cian went to Sunday (Saturday) School. We kinda matched and it might have been dorky but it was cute. I have to admit that I was kind of bummed about not actually being able to attend an Easter service but sometimes serving can be just as rewarding. And sure, Sunday wasn't exactly serving God but if Jesus can sacrifice His life I can sacrifice a church service so that other people can rejoice him and spend the day with their family. (Don't worry, it took me years to come to this conclusion as I spent years being bitter about working Easter Sunday and holding a grudge against all the people who I had to serve).

Sunday after work we went over to Bill and Karen's house and had a late lunch and did an Easter egg hunt. It was great to spend time with family and so much fun to hunt eggs out in the yard with everyone. Will and Maggie (and their parent's of course) came up from Birmingham so we had the whole family there!
Easter morning with his basket

Steve and I before he changed out of his nice clothes

Taryn, Cian, Olivia and Luke

Taryn and Cian love each other

Will hunting for eggs

Cian hunting for eggs

Mommy Monday: Mother's Day

Monday, May 9, 2011

First I should start by saying that I have been a terrible blogger the last two weeks. There, I admitted it. Now let's move on to more fun things! Yesterday was Mother's Day, a day that I really love. For many reasons having to do with my child and for the selfish reason having to do with the fact that I get to do whatever I want with my family that day. I know it may not always seem like it but I love being a mother but it really amazing. Yes, toddlers can be super frustrating but there is nothing more rewarding than a kiss on the cheek and an I love you from your child.

Motherhood is perhaps the coolest thing God has ever chosen me to do. Our pastor said yesterday in church that God chooses our mother's. We do not get to choose them, nor do we get to choose our children. It is really amazing and comforting to me to know that God chose me to be Cian's mom. When I feel inadequate or like screaming because he isn't listening or he is running out into the street it is ok. God chose me and if He thinks I can handle it, I can.

Here are some things about being the mom to a two year old:

  • I feel like I spend more time punishing my child than hugging him. I am not sure that this is the case, but it sure feels that way.
  • Some days yes, I do want to beat him. I just don't act on it. (I have an entirely new sympathy to my grandparents for sending their kids to pick a switch).
  • With a hard-headed child lots of things can be a struggle, like getting dressed, brushing teeth, going to bed, eating...This is ok. I am glad he has a mind of his own, I just wish sometime he would use it to listen to me.
  • I have been singing "Golden Slumbers" by the Beatles to Cian at bedtime since he was a newborn. This is perfect lullaby to me. I don't go into "Carry that Weight" I hope he doesn't carry any weight but casts it aside.
  • Cian sings with me in the car now. I love hearing him sing, "I want to shout it out that I love Jesus and tell the world that God is good." This really warms my heart and makes me cry. Sap.
  • I try not to compare anymore. Nope, Cian isn't perfect but neither am I. I will make mistakes, I will not always have the perfect child but I will enjoy every stage because it will be gone and we will fly on to the next one way too quickly.
  • Though the tantrums drive me crazy, I love having a toddler. I love watching him run and explore. I love hearing him say "wait for me mommy" and "yun mommy yun". (that means run for those who don't speak toddler). Most of all I love hearing him say "That's my mommy"and "I love you too much". He will not always be so proud that I am his mom but I will always be proud that he is my son.

I am thankful for my mothers, for the one I have and the one I got when I got married. I pray for mothers everywhere, those who have their babies, have lost their babies, are waiting on their babies and the ones who are longing for the babies they don't know yet. The love you feel for your children is a love that no one can tell you about, it must be experienced. I love my Cian so much and can't wait to have another little booger to love with such reckless abandon. One day I will release them and I hope they too have the chance to feel this type of love.
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