Second Hair Cut

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cian got his second hair cut tonight. The first time we cut his hair he looked like Loyd Christmas and this time we cut it into...wait for it...a mullet! Ok, really we only left it a mullet for two seconds, but two seconds long enough to get a picture.
Before. I would be scared if daddy were coming at me with scissors too.

Daddy getting ready to cut.

Side/back view of the mullet.

Are you just about finished?

Check out my short do guys!

It is a little shorter than I like (I was almost banned from the room for saying so and for laughing, maybe I should have started criticizing the second Steve made the first clip) but as I was very kindly reminded, it is hair and it will grown. Also, he stills looks dang cute and we won't have to cut it again for awhile. (And when I say we, I mean Steve won't have to cut it while I sit there and try to tell him how to do it).

Mommy Monday (even later on Tuesday)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Your sweet baby who cuddled in your arms will turn into a toddler. Shocker right? I mean we all know they are going to grow and grow and grow. (Sorry, we read I'll love you forever tonight and I cried again). What we don't realize is that they will grow another head and become a monster!

Cian is good kid and I am so not complaining despite the fact that the sentences to follow will sound like grumbles. It's just that these fits, temper tantrums if you will, come on strong and sometimes they are loud! Let me paint a picture for you; We are cruising through the grocery store and Cian sees something he wants, lets just say a balloon. He points and says "that". I say, "what"? Knowing good and well it is the bright shiny star thing hanging from the ceiling. "" "Thhhaaaatt" is the response I get. Or he will say "boon". "No, not right now," I say because I am on to him. I know that balloon will be flying up to meet Jesus the second we hit the parking lot. Then I get a screech and another "Thhhhaaaaatt" only much much louder this time. If it is a particularly good day the screeches will get progressively longer and louder until the whole dang store is looking at us thinking, "can't you control your kid lady". This is when it gets tough and thankfully I haven't had to leave the store yet though I know that day is coming. Yes, I can control my kid, kind of, but I am not going to give in just so he will stop screaming in the grocery store (or you name the place). This is rough people! I have so much sympathy for moms everywhere.

Another of Cian's toddler tendencies is to run away crying and lay his head on the couch, leaving it with a nice smear of tears and snot. If that doesn't work he will throw himself on the ground and scream and cry. I have even seen him run screaming into the corner. (Yes, he will put himself in the corner). All these are very clever tactics my young padawan but alas, I am the mom and therefore can out stubborn you. I have come to that place, I am that lady with the kid screaming or throwing himself on the ground to get what he wants. I constantly remind myself not to give in and not to give him whatever it is he wants until he stops crying. I won't lie, I have done it a couple times and then kicked myself afterward. I realize that as long as I want him to grow grow grow out of this stage I can't give in and I must listen to the cries of a child who thinks everything is "mine". After all, it just wouldn't be very cute if at sixteen he is still doing the pouty lip and throwing himself on the floor if his date doesn't want to see the movie he wants to.
So, I have so much to blog about and I am getting behind. (This is starting to feel like my scrapbook) I will tide you over with a small photo preview of the events that have taken place this month. Know that there is a post coming about each one of these things...
1. My little brother, Ben's wedding. I haven't posted anything yet because I don't have any photos except for this one of Cian on the way to the rehearsal dinner. I know, I am such a bad sister! I am working on rectifying this one...
2. Character Quest. Amazing week with God and a bunch of 5th grade girls. I can't wait to give all the details and thrills from the week.3. Our trip to Asheville and Bill and Karen's (Steve's parents) vow renewal. We had a great week packed with all kinds of fun. It was also awesome to see two people so committed to each other and so in love even after 35 years.

You'll be hearing from me tomorrow...

Father's Day

Sunday, June 20, 2010

To my husband on Father's Day,

You became a father the minute we found out little Cian was on the way. I know it seemed distant not being able to meet him for so long as he grew in my stomach but you were there waiting for his big entrance. You were right next to me coaching as Cian came into this world. You were proud. Proud of me and proud of being a father. It wasn't easy at first, it still isn't easy but you are always there for me and for Cian. I can tell you love your son by the way you look at him and listen to him. You are alwasy willing to throw his ball with him and he is so amazed by you. Cian loves to watch his daddy play games and loves to sit in your lap while you play. You can toss, chase, and tickle Cian better than anyone else. You are also there when he needs comforting to give hugs, kisses and love when you hear Cian's little voice calling and see his little hands reaching for daddy.

I loved watching you with Cian as he was a little baby and I love growing beside you as Cian grows. It will be an amzing journey as we deal with the struggles of parenthood but I am so thankful that you are next to me and that you will are Cian's dad. I hope Cian grows up to be a kind, loving man like his dad. I pray that he loves his family as much as you do. Thank you for being my husband, friend and for being a wonderful dad.


Becca (and Cian)

Walk a Little Slower Daddy

"Walk a little slower daddy," said a little child so small.
I'm following in your footsteps and I don't want to fall.

Sometimes your steps are very fast, sometimes they're hard to see;
So walk a little slower daddy, for you are leading me.

Someday when I"m all grown up, your're what I want to be.
Then I will have a child who will want to follow me.

And I would want to lead just right, and know that I was true;
So, walk a little slower daddy, for I must follow you!

-Author Unknown


Saturday, June 12, 2010

When Cian was a year old I decided that I wanted to write things to him. Things like what he was doing developmentally and what our lives are like right now. Things that will help Cian to see how his life was and to remember us by when we aren't around anymore. I am not always so great at keeping up with it but I try to at least jot something down every once in awhile. This is what I wrote tonight:

It's dusk, the sunlight is fading but the balmy summer heat hasn't waned. The lightning bugs creep out of our tall grass, illuminating as they float upward. They fly away, escaping the grasp of little fingers. You point at them and squeal with delight. I watch from the front porch and can tell that you want to chase after them and catch them. I watch as you carefully bend down to examine a wildflower growing in the yard. You pick flower after flower and toss each of them into the bush. The sky is turning from blue to pink to gray. You trudge through the grass and run up and down the sidewalk. I almost can't contain the joy I feel just watching you reach skyward after a luminescent lightning bugs. I smile watching you turn around and raise both hands to say "all gone" as he gets away. Watching as you take breaks from playing to run up and give me a hug and kiss. I sigh because I know these moments are fleeting and one day you will not be my curious, loving toddler. For now, I sit back and thank God for you and this place we are in right now.

Since I don't have a photo of Cian running in the yard I thought a sweet naked baby pic would do.

Mommy Monday (on Tuesday)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I am sure everyone has brushed their teeth a time or two, possibly a time or two a day. It's been an easy task since you learned how at five. Have you ever brushed the teeth of someone else? Against their will? This is not such an easy task.

I found this out from the time Cian's little toofers started coming in. When he had about four or five teeth we decided it was time to start brushing. We got a toothbrush that goes over your index finger and some baby toothpaste (without fluoride) and were ready to get those teeth clean. I started by teaching Cian to say ahhhh and open his mouth wide. (This I figured was easier than holding his mouth open). When he had his mouth open I stuck my finger in to get those front four teeth. What do you think a baby does when you stick your finger in his mouth? That's right, he bites down, hard! I am pretty sure I screamed "Owww" the first time he did this when made him laugh and want to do it again and again and every time I brushed his teeth. He bit down so hard once that I actually had a blood blister on my finger. As Cian began to get more teeth I knew this wasn't going to work so I got him his very own little toothbrush. I thought, this will be great! I put the fluoride-free toothpaste on the brush and handed it to the little man. The outcome was glorious...He loved it, and I think mainly because he just sucked off the sweet tasting toothpaste. This was great, but also posed a problem: he can't bet getting those teeth too clean if he is just sucking off the toothpaste! So, I would have to "finish up". I said, "Let mommy finish up,"and took the toothbrush from him. He did not like this! I have realized that the art of brushing someone's teeth against their will requires three arms. You need one to hold their mouth open, one to hold their swatting arms down and one to actually do the brushing. I can brush about one tooth at a time between the mouth closing and the arms knocking the toothbrush away. I tried wrapping him in a towel and holding his hands down and holding him up to the mirror so he can see. I have realized the only way to make him happy while brushing his teeth is to let him do it. Too bad he is not happy twice a day while brushing. Cian has a mouth full of teeth and getting those back one clean is not an easy task. I am dreading the day we take him to the dentist and I have to explain to them how I just don't have enough arms to effectively brush those teeth!
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