Mommy Monday: Sick Baby

Monday, January 30, 2012

As a parent we all know our kids are going to get sick.  Odds are we will be thrown up on, pooped on and just plain wallered all over by a sick child.  (That is southern for laying all over you.)  Well a couple weeks ago Cian got sick and had a temperature, cough, runny nose and a little vomiting.  (I should add that it was all over Steve's back that he threw up.  Conveniently it was time to feed Isla so Steve had to deal with the puker.)

Isla has had a stuffy nose for awhile but at the beginning of last week it got really bad.  The poor little thing was all stopped up and was having trouble breathing, she also couldn't eat very well.  On Tuesday night she didn't sleep well and Heather, our sitter, told me on Wednesday that she cried pretty much all day.  The little chick was only happy if she was sitting up.  Well this is difficult because she can't sit up so that meant having to be held or propped up all. the time.  That night she didn't sleep well either so I called the doctor.  I have to admit, I was really hoping they could just call me in a prescription for her runny nose and cough because she didn't have a fever.  Since she is so young they wanted us to bring her in so to the doctor's office we went. The doctor said she was very congested and either had something bronchial or RSV.  She said the treatment would be the same and that we needed to use a nebulizer on her every four to six hours.  She also wanted us to get an x-ray just to make sure it wasn't pneumonia.  Of course I was thinking there was no way my little baby had pneumonia.  We went and had the x-ray which Isla did not like at all.  I had to set her on the table and hold her arms up and boy was she screaming.  Cian got to stand out of the room with the x-ray tech who was great at entertaining a three year old who wanted to touch all the really expensive equipment in the room.

After the x-ray we went up to the pharmacy and got Isla's nebulizer.  They had a penguin, a cat and a pink panda.  I went for the adorable pink panda and Cian immediately dubbed it her "kung fu panda".  I got the kids home and we heard from the doctor that Isla did have a small spot in her lungs that was pneumonia.  I win because I didn't even want to take her to the doctor.  Oops.

We started her breathing treatments and antibiotics and she is totally getting better now.

Isla is not so much a fan of the mask but it makes a world of difference.  The medicine is really breaking up all the junk she has in there.  So this mom is learning that going to the doctor is not such a bad thing at all...

Wardrobe Wednesday

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ok, here goes with a new weekly post I am going to try.  I believe this means I will probably get to about once a month, haha.

I have been really enjoying looking at blogs where people post what they are wearing daily.  It is fun to see what real people with real budgets on clothes are wearing.  Whats a girl to do?  Emulate this of course!  For this reason I decided to do that with my little family.  I should go ahead and apologize to Steve because he may not make every wardrobe Wednesday.  Or maybe I should say, "you're welcome."  He wears clothes to work that he wouldn't want plastered all over the internet.  No, they aren't inappropriate but they are clothes that can get dirty.  He doesn't even like going anywhere after work until he gets home and changes.

Well here goes with my first Wardrobe Wednesday post:

Cian Style.  This child is very picky about what he wears and he always wants to pick out his clothes.  Much to my chagrin he would rather wear his crocs than his skull and crossbones chucks.  I must let go and let him be him...

He actually let me put the shoes on him! Chords and Veggie Tales shirt over a ribbed shirt

 Isla Style:  Bwwahhhhhaaaa, I can dress this one however I want.  It seems what I want is tutu type skirts.  There is Steve below not in his work clothes.  See, he looks good too.

 Becca Style:  I think my style varies from day to day.  I probably strike out sometimes but I feel like I at least make it to first base with my clothes.

This is a maternity shirt from Motherhood that I really liked and didn't want to get rid of yet.  The pants are from NY and Company and the sweater is from Forever 21.  The shoes are pink linen Toms.

I am going to go ahead and warn you, there may or may not be some hot pink pants in my future.  Please call and yell at me if I ever show up with stirrup pants or acid wash jeans.

Three Months Old

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My little Isla is officially three months old now.  I can. not. be. lieve it.  My little girl is growing up and becoming more aware of everything.  I will probably say this every month but I can not believe how fast this is happening.

Isla, this month you officially started wearing exclusively 0-3 month clothes with the exception of a couple newborn onesies that still fit.  (Those are made big, I mean what behemoth newborns are those made for?  I cringe a bit at thinking of those mothers giving birth to a child who can wear these.)

You really want to be able to sit up, all the time.  You aren't a huge fan of lying down so you want to be propped up and see the same view as everyone else.  When you are sitting with someone you will try to pull yourself away from them.  This has sometimes resulted in toppling over on your face.

You are staring to coo and giggle a lot.  Your baby noises are the sweetest thing ever and they make your dad and I melt and laugh at the same time.

You are still a pretty darn good sleeper.  You generally go to sleep around 10 and sleep until 6 or so.  I sometimes secretly worry because Cian was the total opposite.  I also am not complaining, but you wake up right in the middle of my normal running time.  (Insert you're crazy comments and horrible looks here.)  I am working on sucking it up because I enjoy our sweet and quiet alone time in the morning and I know this year that we have those will fly by and I have a lifetime to run.

You love your big brother.  You look at him all the time and it seems like you are trying to figure out what he is doing.  I don't think you love it so much when he fake cries/screams in your face while you are crying...

You are becoming so much more aware of what is going on around you.  You are checking out those hands that are attached to you and turning your head when you hear noises like Glee on TV.

You really like your bed.  (Should I take this as a hint that it is time to ditch the bassinet??)  There are some accordion flowers hanging over your bed and you think those are the coolest thing since sliced bread.  At least you will once you can actually eat sliced bread.  I know I have at least five minutes to change clothes and get ready when I put you under those things.

Cian is really glad you are with him at Heather's (the in-home daycare).  I am told at first he came down to check on you every so often just to make sure you were ok.  He said he would rather have a sister than a brother.  He did say you were a girl before we found out and said you would have brown eyes before you were born.  Maybe I should ask him if you will be a good teenager...

That leads me to the next thing, you are so going to have brown eyes.  That means team poop eyes now outnumbers the rest of the family, ole green and blue.

We love you tons and are really enjoying watching you grow and change before our eyes.  I can't say this enough but I am glad God picked us to be your parents.

One Month                                                      Two Months                                             Three Months                    

Trying to sit up

Toppling Over...


Thursday, January 19, 2012

 A couple weeks ago Cian and I were invited to two birthday parties in one day.  This is my kind of day, friends, fun and cake twice in one day.  The fist one was at Bounce U, one of those places with the ginormous (technical term) bounce slides.  We had been there before and Cian wouldn't leave my side to bounce on anything.  Boy have things changed since last time.  He basically said bye to me and was bouncing on everything!!  He went down this one slide over and over and over again.  Of course he couldn't go down the slide on his butt, he had to go down on his stomach feet first.  My kid.

The guy who was running the party was very energetic, I really don't think you could have a bad day and work there.  It took me back to my Chuck-E-Cheese days.  When it was time to sing "Happy Birthday" he asked if they wanted everyone to dance or just him.  It was then that I knew he was cool.

Our second party of the day was for a friend's son and was at Wilderness Station.  We were late, imagine that, but when we go there all the kids were learning about turtles.  There was a box turtle there that they got  to pet him and see him walking around.  His name was Jack.  The kids also made a turtle craft, which Cian really liked.  There was an owl there that I didn't get a photo of but he was the cutest little guy.  I wanted to love him and squeeze him and call him George.

This weekend we are off to another party for Cian's cousin Will!  Amanda knows how to throw a party so I know we are in for another good time.

What is that sweet Isla up to you ask?  Just hanging out and looking cute!

Goals for 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Me, cause they are my goals.
It wouldn't be a new year without setting an entire new set of goals for the year.  I am going to try not to set crazy goals like have a six pack by November but I do want to challenge myself to stick to what I set.  Here goes:

  • Complete a bible in one year plan.
  • Spend lots of time hugging my kids.
  • Go on dates with my husband.
  • Pray for my Sunday school kids more often.  How about just pray more often.
  • Have photos from a Modern Vintage wedding or party published on a web site that is not my own.
  • Apply to do freelance for more blogs/publications.
  • Lose a little more baby weight. (Or possibly all of it.)
  • Re-paint our kitchen and paint our bedroom.
  • Read, craft and laugh a lot.
  • Run a half marathon and start training for another full.
  • Run the Ragnar Relay.
  • Read to my kids almost every night.
  • Be more regular with my Mommy Monday posts and add a Wardrobe Wednesday post!
I think that is enough for now! I better get moving!!

First Trip to the Dentist

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Have you ever seen Little Shop of Horrors?  You know the one where Steve Martin plays the scary and demented dentist?  (Yeah, it's about the big plant but the dentist was enough to make anyone consider being an anti-dentite.)  This is what I secretly feared was going to be Cian's view of the dentist.  Now, have you ever seen Big Top PeeWee?  Yeah, the one where PeeWee Herman joins the circus.  This was a little closer to the reality of our first dentist trip.

I prepared Cian by telling him a little about what to expect, with the cleaning and fluoride.  I did not prepare him for the fact that we would be walking into a child's wonderland.  Let me tell you, the dentist has come a long way.  We walked in and saw this:

The walls were bright and there were two flat screens with bean bags on the floor for the kids to lay on. There was an arcade for real games that you didn't have to put money in to play and a room with a car for younger kids to ride and some toys for toddlers.  There was also a HUGE fish tank and a horse to ride on as well.  I think I may have been as excited about the waiting room as Cian.  We didn't have to wait that long but we did have time to ride a couple things.

They called us and we walked back through the area for the big kids to a few rooms for younger kids who would have to have their parents with them.  The dental hygienist explained what they were going to do and let Cian pick out a toothbrush, naturally he chose one with Mater on it. She used that one to brush his teeth with some gritty toothpaste and Cian did a great job.  I think was highly influenced by the fact that there was TV in the ceiling. Yep, you read that right, TV in the ceiling.  This is a far cry for the dentist I remember as a kid, all I can picture is squinting under a really bright light-no Super Why playing on the ceiling above me.

Cian watching TV

The very energetic dentist came in after Cian had his teeth cleaned to take a look at those chompers.  This is when Cian got a little teary.  I was thinking, "Dear Lord he did see the dentist in Little Shop".  The dentist asked him if he had any sugar bugs in his teeth and Cian really got a kick out of this.  He loved the term sugar bugs.  Luckily there weren't any of those critters in there.  He put fluoride on Cian's teeth.  Do you remember the mouthpiece that was as big as a football mouthpiece with the bubble gum flavored flouride we had as kids?  The stuff they told you not to swallow lest you would meet an untimely death. (Ok, it would really just make you sick and yeah, I swallowed it once).  You also had to wait at least an hour to eat anything.  This is not the case anymore! They simply brushed it over his teeth and he was able to eat right away.  We celebrated later with chocolate chip bagels.

They did tell me that he has an underbite which means his bottom teeth come in front of his top teeth when he puts them together or smiles.  The good news is it might correct itself when his grown up teeth come in.  The bad news is that if it doesn't he will have to have braces or jaw surgery.  Way to put the mommy guilt on me, if I don't pay for braces he might have to have surgery.  I better start saving now...

Isla was in on all the fun too.  I could tell by the way she slept that whole time that she was very disappointed that she couldn't ride the horse.

Cian will be back in six months for another fun trip. I will be looking forward to the carnival again!

2011: Year End Review

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I know I say this every year but I can not believe another year has passed.  It seems they pass so quickly.  2011 was a very busy year for me with a lot of big things happening.  This weekend last year (actually at this exact time) I was running my first full marathon.  Little did I know that it would also be the first day of my gestation period with my baby girl because I would get pregnant two weeks later!  Well, here is my review:

As I said, in January I ran a marathon.  This took  a lot of commitment and perseverance (some of the things I am teaching in Sunday school today).  There were times, like around mile 20-23, when I wanted to quit.  It truly was adrenaline and Jesus that got me to that finish line.  This is the story of my life.  I always picture a scene kind of like what is below for the end of my life.  I am tired from running uphill for years and I see a man standing at the top with his arms outstretched.  I don't think I can make it anymore but I get that last burst of energy and push it up the hill because I know who is waiting for me.  I know who is waiting to take me home.
The finish line.  Read about it here
The same week I ran the marathon we started potty training.  This took a lot longer than I thought but a year later we have a fully (day) trained little boy.

This also proved to be a test of perseverance.  Here is the brutal beginning.
In this same month we had our first trip to the ER.  I really didn't stay as calm as I thought I would on this trip.  I thought I would be the calm mom who just scooped her crying kid up and took care of everything.  Instead I freaked out, picked him up and ran to get in the car without my purse or insurance card.  Thank the Lord for Steve who came out with all those things and drove us to the hospital. (Did I mention I jumped in the backseat of the car and almost passed out when we got to the hospital??  Wimp.)

My little stitched guy.  
This year we saw a toddler grow into a preschooler.  We also fought a lot of battles, both play and struggles of who is stronger willed.  I try to make sure it is me every time. 

You can look at some of those battles here:  Ask me if you want to hear the story about me accidentally kneeing my kid in the face while punishing him.
In February the Star Wars Lego obsession began and lasted past the second star on the right and straight on till morning.  We still love to play with "little toys".

We did a lot of playing in the snow, mud and house and actually made or first cave in March. 

I made a lot of diaper cakes and crafts this year.  I won't boast that I am Martha because I totally lack in the cooking and baking department but I sure can craft.

We found out in February but announced in April that we were expecting another baby!  Over the course of  the next 9ish months I would go from this:

Me at 13 weeks
 To this:
Me at 39 weeks
Yes, It was worth all the swelling.  We Found out in May that the little baby growing in my belly was a girl!

Cian wanted to wear the onesie. He was disappointed when we said he coudln't
In April or maybe May I decorated for the first party I got paid for and it was the party of the day on Catch My Party.  We had a great Easter and Mother's Day. Who doesn't love Mother's Day?  I mean it is one day a year that you get to make it all about you.  Kind of like your wedding day but thousands of dollars cheaper.

I was very proud of my chocolate covered peeps.  So proud I ate almost all of them.

We celebrated Father's Day with, you guessed it, more Star Wars Legos and we picked out a name for our baby girl, Isla.

In June Jessie and I applied for our business licence and Modern Vintage Events was officially created. We "launched" at a bridal show in September. (Nope, haven't blogged this one yet but Modern Vintage Events is my event planning business. I will have a full post on it one day soon.)

Photo by Chris and Adrienne Scott

Our booth at our first bridal show
In July I was getting bigger and so was Cian.  He got his big new twin bed. We are still trying to convince him it is cooler than our bed.  You're convince right?

In August I got to go to Hallmark's Moments Between the Milestone's tour in Nashville.  It was pretty awesome and I was very excited.  You can watch a video of me telling a story about peeing my pants here.

In September I turned 30.  It really is better than 20, I promise.  I also wrecked my mustang again.  I think I am getting an award for best driver 2011.

Birthday Dinner
In October I wrote something for Magazine and was published for it!  This has been my dream for a long time so I was very very excited.

October also brought us our sweet baby Girl, Isla Katherine.  She is definitely the best thing that we produced this year.  She has made our family more complete and I am so glad God chose us to be her parents.

 November was Thanksgiving and we had a lot to be thankful for this year.  I also was getting a crash course in being home with two kids.  I am still not getting the mother of the year award but I am getting better.

I also decorated for a pirate party that was donated for a Power of Pink Auction.  I loved doing all the decor, pirates are fun and Cian loved the "help". 

December, ah the last month of 2011.  December brought about a much more somber close of the year with two deaths and funerals. Though it was sad, those two people that we loved (well three because Steve's aunt Cheri lost her husband in November) are hanging out with Jesus now.  When Cian asked about where baby Logan was I told him he was with Jesus and he said, "and Mamaw"  Yep, they are all together enjoying pure love.  We also got to celebrate the gift of Jesus for Christmas and be thankful for the year and lives that were given to us.

There was a lot of stuff in between and like any year there was happiness, sadness, silliness, love and pain.  I am enjoying this season in my life with two young kids at home and a pretty awesome husband.  I hope you all had a great year and are ready for what this one brings!
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