Thursday, November 24, 2011

So, it is Thanksgiving morning and I know you all have family to see so I will keep this short.  I am thankful for my wonderful family:

The one pictured and the extended one on both sides.  I am thankful to spend Thanksgiving weekend with Steve's family enjoying food, games and lots of gabbing!

I am thankful that I can attempt to run this morning, attempt being the key word.

I am thankful for God's grace because we all know I need it.

Go out there and be thankful, enjoy family and give your mamaw a kiss.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Last weekend Cian, Isla and I took a trip to Chattanooga to visit my parents.  Steve got into a beta for a video game he is really excited about and planned on playing non-stop for a few days so it turned out to be a perfect weekend for us to go.  While we were down there I got a phone call from my friend Laine that said we HAD to come to Normalpalooza because some of Cian's favorite people were there. I got a picture text with a photo of none other than Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper.  I knew we had to hit the road.  Normalpalooza was a fundraiser for a magnet school in Chattanooga and they had different activities and crafts, right up my alley.

Cian and Meme, searching for Darth Vader

Isla, Cian, Meme (my mom) and I set out on a hunt to find Darth Vader.  The entire drive there he kept asking if we were there to see the Storm Trooper yet.  When we arrived we immediately started looking.  It took some searching and some asking but finally we tracked down the Death Star, umm the 501st Midsouth Garrison tent.  Cian was in heaven, the Storm Trooper even let him hold his blaster!  Cian told them he liked Captain Rex and didn't want to leave those guys.

I had to practically drag him away so we could go find something to eat.  After meeting them and a jedi, Cian was desperate to get hit face painted like Batman-not eat lunch.  Sorry kid, lunch comes first.  I had seen a sandwich truck and they had a few sandwiches I really wanted to try.  I love the trucks that are so popular now so of course I had to be a sucker and eat at Famous Nater's.  I was torn between two amazing sounding sandwiches, the first was the Junior League, with turkey, cheese and red pepper jelly and the second was a Nutella pbj with nutella, marshmallows and rice crispies on toasted bread.  In the end my sweet tooth won and Cian and I split a nutella pbj.  Let me tell you that this thing was incredible.  It was also incredibly sweet but so worth it.


While we were eating Cian spotted Vader and his Strom Trooper walking around so mom took him to talk to them again.  When they got back there was no waiting for this kid to get his face pained.  We went searching for Batman.  We finally found the place and sent Cian off to transform.  When little mister perceptive and specific sat down in the chair he said he wanted to be Batman and pointed to the blue paint.  Well, the picture they had was black so naturally she painted the bat in black.  When she finished Cian told us he wanted to be blue batman from the cartoon that he and Grumpa watch all the time.  Oops, guess he knew what he wanted.  It was way past nap time and I think Cian was falling asleep while she was painting his face.

I am Batman
He was so excited to have his face painted and couldn't wait to get back to my parents house to show Grumpa.  What did my other child do you ask?  Well, she was cozied up in my Moby wrap sleeping the entire time.
Batman, mommy and Isla all wrapped up
On the way home Cian fell asleep and stayed asleep even after we got him back to Meme and Grumpa's house.  I was told that when he woke up he showed off his Batman mask and was given a mirror so he could look at it. He used said mirror to look at his face every few minutes after that.  He loved his Batman mask so much that he didn't let me wash it off until the end of the next day.

Sleeping Batman

Cian's Third Birthday Party

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

When it comes to a party I normally go all out.  I mean like balloon animals all out.  As it seems there is an exception to this, having a two week old baby.  I decided this year to forgo the elaborate (and maybe sometimes over the top) decorations and just do a small party with immediate family.  We had Cian's party the Saturday after his birthday and had mine and Steve's families there.  I do love being able to get everyone together, which is truly the important party about celebrating and I really don't think Cian missed the balloon animals.  (Don't be fooled, there will be more all out parties to come.)

Cian, Will and Taryn
Cian with Meme and Grumpa
Cian got some pretty awesome stuff but the thing Steve was most excited about was the lego Millennium Falcon. This toy goes way back.  Steve has wanted this thing for year, not exaggerating.  It really help that our son also loves legos.  In fact, Cian got two lego sets and they had to put them together that night!

Cian wanted a Star Wars cake and Steve wanted to do an ice cream cake. We couldn't find a place that was liscenced to do the Star Wars characters so we just bought a cake and put some of Cian's favorite legos on it.  I think he thought they were new ones, oops...

Rob working on legos

The finished product

Amanda and Daniel, Ben and Bonnie and my parents were all able to come in from out of town which was wonderful!  We didn't do much, but did get some Star Wars plates, a tablecloth and put the legos on the cake thing.  The weather was great so we were able to spend some time outside. So far each year for his birthday we have been able to go outside and play!  I am so thankful for two great sides of the family to celebrate birthdays and every days with!!

Mommy Monday: Home with Two Kids

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yes, I realize it's Tuesday.  Story of my life.  We have been home with our new baby girl for over three weeks now.  I don't even know what day it is anymore and I can't believe it has been three weeks!  Our first week home Steve was here so we had a lot of fun as a family.  The next two and some change have been a little more hazy because sleep is not as abundant as it once was.

Coming home from the hospital
Isla is a pretty good baby but her little tummy seems to bother her a bit.  This makes her kinda fussy. I don't blame her, I would be fussy too, but it means a crying baby that wants to be held. a lot.  I am probably to blame for some of this, a. because what I eat she is also eating, I am thinking the ice cream cake might be hurting her stomach, b. because when she is crying she acts hungry so I feed her and start over the vicious cycle.  She also loves to be bundled up and cuddled.  I know the bundled thing comes from living in close quarters but I think I might be partially to blame for the cuddling part.  I mean I simply can not put this child down.  I was like that with Cian, who can resist holding such a sweet innocent little thing?  The other thing is that she will let me at this point, fast forward three years and she might not be so into the cuddling thing.  The bad thing is that she won't always let me put her down which makes it hard to get much done.

Cian is great with her!  He still loves to give her kisses and does so all the time.  He also likes to hold her when the mood strikes him.  He doesn't do this unassisted, don't worry.  Today he was holding her and told me to go get ready.  It was like he was saying, "Don't worry mommy, you get ready, I got this."   I think we will wait a few (or twenty) years before I leave those two alone.

I was expecting to me a lot more zombie like than I am now.  (I say that and have probably cursed myself.)  I thought I would be so deliriously tired that I might forget my name, that is not exactly the case.  I still know my name (as Cian would say it is mommy and Becca) but I do get a little cranky some days.  Sorry Steve.  I think the most trying moments are when Isla is crying or being fed and Cian is whining and needs something.  The other day I had my first comical and gross mom of two moment. Of course I have to share it with you.

We were visiting my parents and were home alone at their house. Cian had to go poop on the potty, which is an accomplishment right now at our house.  Well, when he told me he had to go poop I was feeding Isla and not with a bottle.  I had her lying on my boppy pillow so I put both arms under the boppy and scooped pillow and child up to walk to the bathroom.  While balancing one child, I made sure the other one got his pants and big boys down and with one arm hoisted him up on the potty.  The next part is where it gets really fun. Sometimes he takes a long time to sit and go potty, I mean like 20 minutes while he reads his Star Wars book or watched a video.  Yep, he's a male.  This time he went potty with lighting quickness.  I was not finished feeding his sister.  I got all excited (the proper poop response) and told him how proud I was.  Post poop you can't exactly let a toddler run around and create skid marks on his big boys so I had to find a good way to wipe his bootie while nursing a baby.  Ewww.  I was not exactly in the best position.  I will spare you gory details but the tushy got cleaned, hands were washed, baby was fed and all was well.

Cian and Daddy lost their arms.  I think Cian's might be in his shirt...



Friday, November 4, 2011

I love holidays.  I love dressing up.  For these two reason, Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.  I dressed up and went trick-or-treating until I was in 9th grade and really missed doing it the years after that.  Since I started dating Steve we have always gone to his parent's house on Halloween and gone out trick-or-treating with any kids that have been there. I joined in on the fun when our nephew Caleb was about 3 and now he is 13.  This year none of the other kids were going to be around (there are 9 kids total now on Steve's side) so Karen was traveling to Birmingham to spend Halloween with Amanda.

Daytime Halloween outfits
We decided to go trick or treating on Main Street with some friends whose parents (that we are also friends with) live there.  Main Street is this amazing street with houses that look be be built in or before the 1920's.  It has awesome, huge old trees and all kinds of character.  We realized it is also the Murfreesboro trick-or-treating equivalent of Six Flags.  There were so many people!  Literally so many people that we had to wait in line at some houses.  Wow!

My two Clone Troopers

Rob and Cian.  I know it's Blurry but I wanted to document that Rob was there too!

Big and little Captain Rex
The lines...

Awesome house!
There was one house that looked like a haunted house, equipped with special effects such as a spider that sprayed water on your feet and snakes that "jumped" out at you.  Cian actually went up to the door with Rob and didn't get scared until they got back to the street.  We had a good time and I can't wait to dress up as a family next year!!

Which baby is which??

Friday, November 4, 2011

Cian or Isla??
Baby A

Baby B

Ok, so the clothes might give it away...

On having a three year old

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cian is three!  I can't believe it has already been three years since my little dude was born.  The last three years have been some of the best three years of my life.  Steve and I have grown as parents and in our marriage and we have been through some trial and error with this parenting thing.  We have watched our son grow from a tiny little thing that needed us for everything to a sweet big boy who wants to do everything himself.  I have to say this stage if both trying and amazing.  Here are some of the coolest things about having a three year old:

  • Watching Cian pretend with his little toys (Star Wars Legos) and get bad guys.  It is so cool to see his budding imagination and watch as he makes his guys talk or hand us a gun and says we have to get the bad guys.  It reminds me of being a child and reminds me that I could stand to use my imagination a little more often.
  • Watching as Cian learns to do things like put his clothes on by himself or putting together puzzles.  This may not seem like a big deal but each new thing is an accomplishment.
  • Watching as his personality comes out more and more.  I  know that my son likes to put things up and is particular about where toys and things go.  He does not like them to be out of place.  (You wouldn't be able to tell that by my house now.)  I know my son likes to talk about Star Wars and loves to hear stories about when he was a baby. 
  • Hearing Cian's silly voice and seeing his silly face.  Lately he has developed a silly voice and he does a silly face with it. He will say things in this voice and just crack up, I love it!  He is also making up words (like his mom).  His made up word is pootidtz, which from what I can gather is a hilarious name to call someone.  Yep, definitely my kid.
  • Seeing him kiss his little sister and act proud of her.  I know there are screaming fights coming in our future but his sweet kisses are great for now.
  • Hearing him ask to pray and for me to sing "Home Back" (Golden Slumbers by the Beatles) to him every night before bed. I love hearing him talk about Jesus even if he doesn't quite get the whole praying thing.  (Heck, sometimes I am just as lost as he is when it comes to prayer.)
  • Watching Cian and Steve play battle and seeing Cian try to be like his daddy. 
  • Hearing "I love yous" and hearing him ask for one more hug or one more kiss.  This too I know will pass but I love my sweet boy who still things we are the coolest thing since the Millennium Falcon.
  • Hearing how he will try to repeat what we say and sometimes doesn't get it quite right.  Like, "let's blow this popsicle down" instead of "let's blow this popsicle stand".

A few weeks ago we had photos taken as a family, since it was out last time as a family of three.  Christina at Eternal Treasures Photos took them and we absolutely love them!  You can check some out on her blog here. We went to the Coffee County Fair and though it was crazy crowded we had a great time!  (Even Steve who didn't want to get out of the house.)

Happy Birthday my son, I am so thankful for you!

Welcome Baby Isla

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yes, Isla is over a week old, which means I am about a week and a few days late on this post.  I guess I should get used to this being even later thing...

Me and my belly upon arrival at the hospital

 I will give you the non-gory birth story (not that there is that much gore but I will leave out the gross bits for those of you that don't want to hear it) about how out little baby girl came into this world.  I can't write a birth story without some uncomfortable words like umbilical cord, birth canal and pushing so if those things make you uncomfortable just look at the adorable photos and come back tomorrow some Halloween goodness.

We went to the hospital Thursday night (October 20th) at 11pm so I could get this drug called Cytotec that was supposed to get me ready for labor.  If you know me you know that 11pm was late for me to be up.  I was also a bit nervous about this drug that would help me go into labor.  I didn't really want to be induced until a week after my due date and Friday was actually five days, I think my want to not be pregnant anymore was greater than my wish not to be induced.  Well, we got there at 11 and the nurse told us we didn't have to be there until Midnight.  Wah Wah.  We just walked around the hospital and goofed off for an hour until it was time to settle into our room

The nurse came in and got us situated and around 1:30 they started an iv and checked my cervix.  I was dilated to a 3 so they said they couldn't give me the cytotec because I was too far progressed. Sweet!! She said another nurse would be in around 4:30 or 5:00 to start pitocin.  I was having random contractions but I had been having those for about 3 weeks, nothing that stayed or got stronger.  There was a girl down the hall who we could see on a monitor was definitely having some pretty strong contractions, we thought she must be close to having her baby. We watched the monitor like it was reality TV as the little squiggles went up and down and then they stopped.  Right after they stopped we heard loud cheering coming from the room.  It seemed she had an audience of more than the allotted two people and they were pretty enthusiastic about what was going on.

After the excitement we both tried to sleep, I was in the hospital bed and Steve on the couch bed in the room.  We have a hospital that is brand new and super nice but the "dad" beds were made to last for many years therefore aren't too comfortable in the first few years of use.  I think we each slept for about two hours before the nurse came in at 5:30 to start pitocin. (This is a drug that makes you have contractions.) Here we go, bring on the contractions.  I started having them pretty regularly and around 7:30am.  At first they were slightly uncomfortable and then they started getting more uncomfortable so I told the nurse I was ready to get my epidural.  My doctor was coming in at 8 and I was trying to wait until then to ask for it but I asked slightly before.  The anesthesiologist, who I know, had already come in and talked to us but at the time I didn't really need one yet. He mentioned that everyone would probably want one at the same time.  This is exactly what happened.  There was someone getting an epidural and two other girls in front of me, poops.

The oxygen mask looks good right??

The anesthesiologist came in a little after 9 to give me my epidural. Ahhh, some relief!  I was very happy to see him walk through the door.  The contractions were downright painful by this time as well.  I mean I was trying to laugh and make small talk but it was hard through the wrenching that was happening in my gut.  I asked him to give me a lower dose than what they normally do so I could still move my legs and feel to push.  Let me explain something about an epidural for those of you who haven't had one.  It is a strange feeling but both mine have been wonderful.  It feels cold going into your spine and then it starts spreading through the lower half of your body.  Both times my right leg has gotten numb before my left let.  The pain was dulling and I could still move both legs but the right leg was tingling like it was asleep and the left one was just losing some feeling.  My right leg felt like it weighed 500 pounds.  I kept having Steve help turn me over and pick up my right leg until some of the feeling came back.  I turned over on my left side so the medicine would spread evenly.  Until it did I could feel the contractions on the left side of my body but not the right.

While I was sitting up for the epidural I was having strong contractions and the nurse said she thought things were progressing pretty quickly. She came in about 20 minutes later and checked me and I was dilated to a 9, holy wow!  She said I would be ready to push in about 30-45 minutes.  Another holy wow!  I immediately called my mom and told her to get her butt over there so she could be in the room.  Steve's mom was at the hospital but working so we knew she would come over after she got off work.  I was hoping they could both be in the room again.  Well around 10:30 it was time to push.  This went on for around an hour and Isla, like her brother Cian was face up while making her exit (or entrance) when she was supposed to be face down.  This makes it harder for them to come out and this stubborn little chick would make a move backward for each more forward.  I have described the pushing feeling to friends but I will leave my description out this time as it is not dinner time material.  I will say that the moment your child enters the world there is a huge amount of physical relief.

Steve was wonderful during the process and finally our little girl came into this world!  My doctor said she had the umbilical cord wrapped loosely around her neck which is why she kept trying to move back into my belly.  Steve got to cut her cord.  She was beautiful and she has her eyes wide open taking in everything around her.  They got her cleaned off and let her stay in the room with us for an hour before taking her back to weigh her.  This was awesome because I was able to nurse a little and spend time with my new favorite little girl.

Isla Katherine George
born: October 21, 2011 11:27 am 
6lbs 10oz; 19 3/4 inches

Isla and Mommy

Isla and Daddy

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