Tuesday, July 20, 2010

26.2. I am not talking about minutes here, I am talking about miles. Miles that I am planning on running. I am officially signed up to run the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, AL on December 11th. I am nervous and excited and all I can think is, "wow that is a freaking long way."
In April I ran the Music city Half Marathon for Team A.S.K. ( and Special Kids. The half was great, I was really excited with my time (1:53:53) and I met a lot of great people running with a team. With music city the full and half marathoners run the first 12ish miles together and then there is a turn where the fulls go on for another 13 miles and the halfs are almost to the finish line. I distinctly remember thinking at that moment how happy I was to just be doing the half. I was even happier as I crossed the finish line after the last grueling mile. After I was finished feeling hot and wobbly I felt accomplished. I had crossed something off my bucket list. I really want to add something to my list and cross it off with a full marathon. I never every thought I would run 13 miles much less be training for 26.
A 22 week training plan started last week, so naturally I am just getting around to starting it this week. Below is my training plan for the week:

Monday: Run 3 miles at an easy pace
Cross Train for an hour (high intensity)
Tuesday: Cross Train for an hour (high intensity)Wednesday: Run 5 miles at an easy pace
Thursday: Run 4 miles at an easy pace
Friday: off
Saturday: Run 7 miles at race pace with team ASK

I try to run early in the morning, getting out the door no later than 6. I do this so I can get out and back before Cian wakes up and because it is too stinkin hot to run if I wait any later. I run a little later on Monday's because I run with Cian in the baby jogger.
To see my fund-raising efforts and to learn more about Special Kids you can visit See you bright and early!
Tracy and I after Run Chikin Run 10k last year

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