Isla is 8 months old!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another short month has squeaked by.  Oh my goodness, in four months I will have a one year old.  How did this happen?  My sweet little baby girl is so loving.  She still loves to be cuddled and held.  In fact, if I am home she pretty much wants me to pick her up every other second.  I not so secretly love this.  Isla is a big time explorer.  Her main method of exploring is grabbing and shoving in mouth.  She does this with so much skill I think she might be a conquistador.


My sweet baby mama's girl.  I am trying to enjoy this attachment because I know it won't be there forever.  I love the way your little toothless mouth lights up in a smile when you see me or your dad.  I love seeing your sweet little brown eyes look right at me, please know those beautiful brown eyes will always look right into my heart.
  • You are fully crawling.  I mean you take off and can move room to room.  I guess I should move those wine bottles up.  Your crawl is mainly fueled by your back right foot which you use to push off each time.
  • You love to eat!  Baby food is like ice cream to you (I hope carrots are always so appealing).  You love to grab food with your hand and bring it to your mouth.  
  • You still have a kung fu grip.  I mean your little claws nails will dig into whatever it is you are gripping.
  • You are a pro at sitting up too, I think occasionally you have lost your balance but those topples are few and far between.
  • You are still my tiny tiny gal.  Though some of your onesies are getting too short, you are still wearing 3-6 month clothes.
  • You love to crawl and explore and pick up toys.  Daddy gave you some of Cian's old Star Wars toys to play with. Looks like he is training you to be a fan too.  I may have to buy you some Harry Potter toys for your birthday.
  • Your brother still loves you a ton.  He doesn't so much like you playing with some of his stuff but he loves you even when you do.  In fact, he will magically decide he wants to play with whatever to you have decided to pick up.  Don't worry baby girl, what he doesn't know is that one day you will be able to play that game too.  Unfortunately mommy and daddy do know that and we are just waiting on the fights that are inevitable.  Just please try not to break anything.
  • You know exactly what you want to play with and you get pissed if we take that away.  Generally this happens to be plugs, computer cords, wine bottles and pretty much anything that is harmful and not a baby toy.  I really wonder why we have toys, you would much rather put the dog hair you found on the floor in your mouth.
  • Somehow I have two kids who don't really like to sleep.  This is amazing since I am pretty much borderline narcoleptic.  Much like your brother, you do not like to go to sleep at night.  We usually have a minimum of 30 minutes of cry fest 2012.  Sometimes you sit up, sometimes you scream, sometimes it is just random whimpers.  Most of the time you are trying to get us to come in there and rub your back.  I try to be stealthy and sneak away after I can tell you are asleep but you can tell the second I am not next to your bed and you open your eyes and lift your head up.  Why do babies have this skill?  To torture poor, sleep-deprived parents?
  • You love to be outside.  We have been putting a blanket out and sitting in the yard a lot and you are a big fan.  I love this!  I can't wait to take you in the baby jogger when you are big enough!
  • I don't know how much you weigh or how long you are because you don't go to the doctor again until 9 months but if I had to guess I would think 15-16lbs.
I am excited every day to see the person you are growing into.  I think she is the coolest little girl ever.


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 It seems to be harder and harder to get a photo without some grabbing or crawling or diving going on.

 Can't you see it in her eyes?  She is thinking about making a break for it right off that couch...

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