Relay Rutherford

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A few months ago (yes, in May) I ran in the first Relay Rutherford.  It was a relay stretching across the 55 miles of Rutherford County (where we live).  The relay was to bring awareness for Type 1 diabetes and was put on by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and our local Fleet Feet store.  You could have a team of ten or an ultra team of five.  My friends and I, being the crazy runners we are, naturally singed up to have a team of five.

At the last minute a couple of our runners were injured so we had to find two people the week of the race.  My old dance friend Katie from college totally pulled through as did a new runner friend Drew!  Those two paired with Shaws, Devon and I were a great team.  We had so.!

The race started in Eagleville and ran to Stonecrest in Smyrna. We were equipped with a slap bracelet that you passed on as you ran and we hit checkpoints with snacks (little debbies) and water where you switched runners.  The run was like a mini Ragnar and we ran on anything from country roads to city places.

I ran a total of 12 miles, but this was probably the hardest 12 miles I have ever run. It seems like it would be easy to run three legs, broken up into 4ish miles each but that is not the case!  When my legs cooled off they didn't really want to warm up again.

Our team, called the winers, ended up 7th overall (out of 34) and 2nd in our division, coed ultra.  We had a time of 7:13. (That is seven hours.)  The best team, who we dubbed the shorty shorts, ran it in 5:23.  They were professional elite runners who all had amazing legs and amazingly short shorts. (Did I mention they were all guys?)  The really cool thing about them is that each of the runners had Type 1 diabetes.  They really were great runners, I could tell as they flew by me and I was left breathing heavy and watching them get smaller in the distance.

Cheering us in at the finish
Our team running it in with Katie

At the end of the race there was a cookout with a DJ and a bouncy house!  I was so excited when Steve and the kids came up to meet me at the end. I didn't think they were going to be able to make it and Steve surprised me!  It was so fun to hand out with my family after running 

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Amanda said...

Awesome! And I love that little Isla is in the picture at the end. :)

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