Sunday, October 28, 2012

On August 28 Cian went to his first day of preschool.  He was so excited and so ready to be in school like a big boy.  I should tell you that my son is a genius.  I mean, don't all moms think that?  But really, I do think little Cian is smart and I was excited for him to start preschool and to focus on letters, numbers, counting and all the amazing things he is learning.  We were sad to leave the sitters who have kept Cian and Isla but excited about starting at Swing N' Play Preschool.
Since starting Cian has learned to write and spell him name, learned a lot of letters, can count to 100 (sometimes) by 10's and much more.  He is an expert on bats and other animals and gets really excited to get up and go to school.  I love the zest for learning that he has and I pray that it doesn't diminish (too much) as he gets older.

I know we haven't gotten to Kindergarten yet but I felt like going to preschool was like taking a new step in our lives.  My baby wasn't a toddler anymore, and hadn't been for quite some time, but this made it truly official. He is a preschooler.  A jumping, running, learning, thriving preschooler with a mind of his own and likes and dislikes.  I no longer get to choose the theme for his birthday parties or what movies we watch or his Halloween costumes, he is making decisions.  He doesn't want me in the bathroom with him when he goes potty, and sometimes he asks me to leave his room when he is playing.  (Dear God, when did I get a teenager?)  I love to see him be so independent but I am holding onto the nights when he comes and crawls in bed with me.  I am clinging to reading him books, bedtime prayers and singing "homeback" (Golden Slumbers) to him.

Cian Matthew, hold on to your silliness and zest for life and learning!  Mommy is so proud of you!

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Amanda said...

Cute! I like the chalkboard sign. Ah, these boys (and the girls) are growing up too fast!!

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