Cian is Four!!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Four.  Four years since I first met the little guy who would make me a mother.  Four years since my heart started walking around outside my body.  I have loved his voice and the person he is and is becoming for four years.  I have watched him grow from a tiny little mama's boy to a boy who idolizes his daddy and I cherish each stage.

To my Cian Bebop,

You constantly amaze me with your heart and your mind.
I remember as an infant you would pat my back when I held you.  You don't pat my back anymore but you still snuggle up with me sometimes and still need my kisses for boo boos and hugs when your feelings are hurt.
Never before did I share the last bite of my cookie with anyone.  You are worth it.
Never before did I jump happily in mud puddles.  It is so much fun with you.
Never before did I push all that I needed to do aside to lie down and sing a song and say prayers with anyone at bedtime.  This is my favorite part of the day.
Never before did I cry at every single mother-son dance or reference.  I am so thankful to have a mother-son relationship.
Never before did I let someone beat me almost every time in a race.
Never before did I know that this kind of love existed.

You are truly a blessing in my life

Cian, you are an excited, energetic and super four year old boy.  You still love star wars and your legos but you are really into super heroes.  You like to get "bad guys" and will turn pretty much anything into a battle.  You told me the other day that there were no bad guys in real like, just movies.  I love that you haven't met any real life bad guys and I wish so much that were true and bad guys were only made up.  You may pitch fits sometimes and get frustrated when you can't do something but you make up for those with sweet kisses.  You like to cup your hand on my face and it melts my heart.  You used to be a mama's boy but right now you are all about daddy.  I love watching you being so enthralled with your dad.  You truly do want to be like him and be with him all the time.  You said you were daddy's best friend.  You are the best thing we have ever done.

Love, Mommy

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