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Monday, February 15, 2016

So I have admittedly given up on blogging. Yep, it has been over two years.  I decided to revive this a bit to serve as a place where I can blog my 2016 fitness journey.

I gotta be honest, I have gained some weight.  I am currently sitting at my highest weight ever (not pregnant that is.)  I do realize that my body looks pretty good as it is. But I also realize I am not as healthy as I once was and I would like to bring myself back to that healthy, feel good about myself because I am eating right and I am strong place. (Not the gorge myself on cupcakes and then feel remorse and shame place.)

My thought is that if I put this out there I am held accountable by the internet. There is a chance that someone will see that I didn't do anything to get healthy this week and that is the kind of accountability I need.

Here goes. Today, I weight 136 lbs and I have two pair of jeans that still fit me.  Today, I am going to start doing something to change that. Mr. blog I will check in with you weekly and let you know my exercise routine and progress.  I may not always pay attention to the number, it is the pair of pants I can fit back into that is my goal.

Let's do this!

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