Easter (better late than never)

Monday, May 16, 2011

I know Easter was weeks ago but it is such am important day that I feel like I can't go without a post about the weekend. I usually work on Easter Sunday so I kind of like to make a whole weekend out of it. I mean really the entire weekend is about Jesus anyway so why shouldn't we make the entire weekend about Him too. (Ok, our entire lives actually...).

I took Friday off and went to Chattanooga for a "Water for Elephants" premier. Part of the movie was filmed there and I loved the book so I jumped at the chance to go see it with my girls when they said they were going. That is a totally different post though!

My church has Easter services at the Murphy Center at MTSU. They have services Saturday and Sunday, and as I mentioned, I always work Sunday so Saturday is our day to go. I helped with the K-3rd grade kids this year while Cian went to Sunday (Saturday) School. We kinda matched and it might have been dorky but it was cute. I have to admit that I was kind of bummed about not actually being able to attend an Easter service but sometimes serving can be just as rewarding. And sure, Sunday wasn't exactly serving God but if Jesus can sacrifice His life I can sacrifice a church service so that other people can rejoice him and spend the day with their family. (Don't worry, it took me years to come to this conclusion as I spent years being bitter about working Easter Sunday and holding a grudge against all the people who I had to serve).

Sunday after work we went over to Bill and Karen's house and had a late lunch and did an Easter egg hunt. It was great to spend time with family and so much fun to hunt eggs out in the yard with everyone. Will and Maggie (and their parent's of course) came up from Birmingham so we had the whole family there!
Easter morning with his basket

Steve and I before he changed out of his nice clothes

Taryn, Cian, Olivia and Luke

Taryn and Cian love each other

Will hunting for eggs

Cian hunting for eggs

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