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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Steve made the observation the other day that I don't particularly like being pregnant. We were looking back at photos from last time and he said my smile looked forced in most of the photos and I just didn't seem to overly like being pregnant. I hate to admit it but I think this is true. Ok wait, before you start judging hear me out. I was very nostalgic about being pregnant and I truly love and would never give up the outcome of pregnancy.

There is nothing like holding your baby and looking into their little eyes for the first time. There are also some really great things to being pregnant like feeling your baby kicking and feeling their little hickups. It is also incredible to know that God is knitting together a person in your womb and working through me to bless someone else. I also think the pregnant body is absolutely beautiful, on everyone else. I decided to make a pro and con list to the things I experience during pregnancy:

  • Peeing your pants. One of the number one annoying things about pregnancy
  • Swelling. I mean the kind that you can't put your shoes on and you press in on your leg and still see an indention.
  • The in between stage. This second trimester is the most comfortable but it is also the one where you look like you had a few too many six packs instead of a new life in your stomach. With Cian I totally freaked out when I had to go buy new clothes in a larger size but this time I am surprisingly a little more ok with it.
  • Gaining weight. I know it is necessary but that doesn't make it easy so see that scale creep up and up and up.
  • Not being able to sleep on your stomach or your back. I am a stomach sleeper. This is hard for me. It actually says you are supposed to try to sleep on your left side. (And by It I mean the pregnancy bible "What to Expect When Expecting"). Have you ever tried not to roll over on your stomach or back in your sleep? Give it a whirl.
  • Call me selfish, but I miss drinking wine.
  • Comments about how "huge" you are. I already feel like a whale without you pointing it out. Not ok, I would never say that to someone who is just overweight!!
  • Impending childbirth. Enough said.
  • A miracle happening inside your body while you go about your daily life.
  • As I mentioned earlier, feeling the baby kick is one of the coolest things ever. It is nice to feel their movements . It's like them saying, "I am here mommy and I am growing and waiting to meet you".
  • Boob growth. Yep, maybe that is not an ok think to say in your blog but it is a definitely perk!!
  • Hearing the heartbeat and seeing your baby move on an ultrasound. Just small reminders about life and your part in helping create it.
  • A brand new wardrobe. Even if it is slightly bigger and less flattering than your old one, buying new clothes is fun.
  • The fun of guessing the sex and anticipation about what your baby will look and be like. Also of dreaming about the little life that will soon be such a huge part of yours.
  • Eating. Yep, eating. This contributes to the con weight gain but it is fun nonetheless.
  • Impending childbirth. It is amazing, and amazing that our bodies can do that.
I am now 18 weeks and get to find out the sex of the baby next Tuesday, woohoo! Here is a photo of me this week:

18 weeks

19 weeks with Cian (I didn't have one from 18 weeks)

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