It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Monday, December 13, 2010

All around our house!

We love Christmas in our house. As soon as Thanksgiving is over we are listening to Christmas music 24/7 and ready to get our house set up for Christmas.

Steve is always excited to get the outside lights up. He has to have a strategic plan and all the lights have to be straight and no random lights. You know, the ones that hang randomly or droop in the middle of a window. I am glad he is this way and likes to put them up because I get to reap the benefits!

I love decorating and having our house Christmasy. Each decoration means something or has a special memory. The same with our tree. Each year we get a dated ornament we can put a photo of our family in. This started the year we got married because a couple of our friends bought us an ornament that said "first Christmas together"and had a place for a photo. I have to admit that the ones from 2008 and 2009 still have the family that came in them though. I will get us in there someday... My mom also bought my brother and I each an ornament every year with plans to give them to us when we got married and had our own tree. The ones she bought me are mice. I love putting these on our tree because I have memories of putting them up as a little girl too. I would love to do something like this for Cian.

I wanted to make Cian a part of decorating our tree this year so when it was time to put the ornaments on I made sure Cian came in to check out all the goodies we had to put on the tree. We put Charlie Brown Christmas on TV and had music playing in the background. It was the pefect litte scene for ornament hanging. The first ornament I gave him to put on the tree was one of his baby's first Christmas ornaments. He held it up to the tree like he was going to hang it but then said "weally high". He wanted to hang all the ornaments really high! I would give him ornaments with hooks on them to hang and he would just walk around with them and lose the hooks. Not exactly the perfect scenario for ornament hanging but what did I expect with a two year old. It could have been worse, we only lost two ornaments.

Daddy helping Cian hang the ornaments "weally high"
The star, the finishing touch Our little Jedi beside the finished tree. (Cian had a little eye infection, hence the red eyes).

All in all, I am excited with our decorations and budding family traditions. Here are a couple of my favorite decorations:
Nativity set that was a wedding gift from a couple that always inspires me
Angels that belonged to my Mamaw Dot and Popie. I used to play with these all the time as a little girl.

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