Tree Lighting

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Last week we went to the tree lighting on the Square in Murfreesboro. This is the second year we have gone and it has been a lot of fun both years. On the quaint little square in Murfreesboro they had a stage set up in front of the Courthouse and a giant tree next to it. There were people performing Christmas Carols on the stage and Santa even came to visit. There were people in a reindeer and snowman costume walking around and they had free carriage rides! (The line was super long so we didn't actually take one). Once Santa arrived we did the countdown and the lights on the tree came on.
Cian was excited to see Santa on stage but when we walked over and got close to him he didn't really want to give Santa five. Something about the portly man in the red suit with the white beard definitely makes my kid nervous. I just don't think he has realized the guy is going to bring him toys. I think Cian's favorite part about the night was running around in the grass with his cousins.
The tree lighting is so fun and I hope to make it one of our Christmas traditions each year.

Bill and Karen

Rob, Caleb and Steve

Cian and Mommy

Tracy and her kids: Luke, Taryn, Olivia and Caleb

Our winter ready family

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