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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On Christmas Eve every child waits with anticipation for the morning to come. The excitement, and trying and trying to fall asleep to no avail because you can't wait to see what Santa brings you. Christmas is so magical for a child and I have such fond memories that I couldn't wait for Cian to meet Santa for the first time. We had practiced what Cian was going to ask Santa for, he kept saying Big Foot which is a toy he is afraid of but loves to look at when we go to any toy store. We watched Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and Santa Claus Is Coming To Town to get him prepared for what Santa looks like. He has seen photos and can pick Santa out in a crowd.

We have a Santa Brunch at SRCC each year and I haven't taken Cian before but I thought this year he just might be ready. Christina, of Eternal Treasures Photography, was taking the photos and she has taken photos of Cian before so I thought this also might make him more comfortable. I thought wrong.

We walked in and he was just bebopping along. Cian saw Santa and was ok until I asked him to go talk to him and sit on his lap. He was not going anywhere near that man in the red suit. (I might add that Santa was super friendly and had a great beard, black patent leather boots, a belt buckle that said SC and a great wife, Mrs. Claus). Like any good parent would we tried to coax him to Santa with a candy cane. I am so not above bribery. Cian did get close enough to grab the candy cane and then he went the other direction. Ok, guess I was going to have to bring out the big guns, mom was getting in Santa's lap. I showed him that it was ok and he was willing to get close to us. Then he was willing to sit on my lap. The outcome was very good.

I mean isn't that such a sweet Santa photo? You can see the candy cane in his hand, I think was his security blanket. Well that went so well that I thought we would try putting Cian in Santa's lap by himself. My plan was to run over, plop him in Santa's lap and run away before he could realize what was going on. Well, Cian was way faster than I gave him credit for and this is what happened:

Cian booked it! He was taking his candy cane and making a break for it! When Christina sent this photo to me I laughed out loud for a good five minutes. Then I looked at it later and laughed again. I might be cruel mother but this was too funny! I am fairly certain this picture will come out on Cian's dates and you better believe if he has a slideshow at his wedding this puppy is making the cut.

The poor guy did feel better after I consoled him and we went home and took a nap. I hope Santa will still come to visit...

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