Mommy Monday: Muddy Monday

Sunday, March 6, 2011

If you guys live in TN you know that we have had quite a bit of rain lately. Last Monday we had some crazy rain and some tornado warnings around lunch/nap time. Let me tell you how fun this was trying to get a two year old who already doesn't like to sleep to take a nap. Well when we woke up from napping it was not raining but still pretty wet outside. I was SICK of sitting around inside but it was quite muddy and yucky. What are a mommy and biggy boy to do? Well when handed lemons make lemonade. We decided (I decided) to head outside and play in the mud.
Cian was a little timid at first, wanting me to grab his hands and lift him over the mud. Soon he warmed up to it and saw just how fun splishing and splashing in some nice warm (ok pretty cold) mud can be.

Easing in

Muddy feet and legs (I should point out that I didn't put socks on him so he could feel the squish but it ended up being kind of cold).

Taking off and running through the mud

Cian did not want to stop moving for any photos.

My feet with ran boots and pajama pants. (Yep, in the middle of the afternoon).

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