Isla is Seven Months Old!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

One through Six Months

Seven Months

Another month has passed.  Going, going, gone!  My child is growing and changing every single day.  It feels that way anyway.  She is the coolest little girl I know.  I am constantly amazed at the person she is and I feel so lucky to be her mom.

My little Isla,
  • You are sitting up on your own baby girl.  Sometimes you are a bit wobbly, but you love to sit up!
  • You are really trying to crawl.  You pull your knees under yourself and then start rocking back and forth trying to gain momentum and then...fall face first.  You will get it soon.
  • You are kinda clingy to me and secretly I love it.
  • I do all the wrong things at bedtime.  I rock you to sleep or stay in your room with you while you fall asleep sometimes.  You will lay on your side and grab onto my hand then pull it close to you like a teddy bear.  I will totally be your teddy bear.
  • Speaking of sleep, you are a stomach sleeper right now.  Sometimes when you are screaming  trying to fall asleep we will pat your bootie and it will put you to sleep. Sometimes it doesn't help and when I stop you just look up at me like, "oh no lady, you are not finished." 
  • You are a manhandler.  When anyone holds you, you like to grab onto the skin of their neck and hold on for dear life.  This hurts like a mother.  You are also getting pretty rough when nursing.  My appendages are connected to my body so please don't try to take it with you when you stop eating.  (Was that tmi??)
  • Two weeks ago you said "dada".  We were driving in the car on the way you church and you were just in the backseat saying da da over and over again. I called Steve to tell him and he was like, "Yeah, she was doing that all day yesterday." No babe, that is not something I would be interested in knowing. wah wah.
  • You are babbling like crazy now.  Saying buubbbuuhhh and daadaa.
  • Your brother gets so excited when you have an accomplishments.  He is excited when you say a word or when you grab a toy. He is your biggest cheerleader.
  • We gave you puffs this month.  They are a dissolvable food thing that you love.  They melt in your mouth but they also stick to your hand, you legs, your high chair and pretty much anything after you have slobbered on them.
  • You are loving your baby food.  So far you love any fruit and most veggies. You are definitley a good eater, in face we can't get the spoon to your mouth fast enough.  You grab the spoon as we are bringing it to your mouth.
  • You love, and I mean love swimming.  I took you underwater (go on, judge me) and you didn't cry at all.  I think you even figured out to hold your breath.  Yeah, I did it more than once.
I love you sweet baby!  I am trying to freeze time so I can cuddle you a little longer but you are already moving and wiggling.  You might escape my grasp but you are forever etched into my heart. (Did that sound too psycho stalker?)


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