It's a Zoo Around Here

Friday, May 4, 2012

Some days just need to be zoo days.  Monkeys, dinosaurs, lions, zebras, elephants; sometimes you just need a little wild in your life.  Wait, did I say dinosaurs?  The Nashville Zoo has a Dinotrek exhibit that I have been really excited about visiting since I heard it was here.  I did it for Cian, I promise.

That Monday was a little cold (and by cold I mean 60 degrees, those two years in Florida ruined me for "cold" weather) but we trekked it to the zoo.  I hadn't been there except to run a 5k and I run with blinders on so I was really excited about experiencing the zoo with Cian, who has been one time with Steve.

We went through Dinotrek first and second.  Yes, we went through two times in a row.  As we made our way into the dino infested wood we noticed a dilophosaurus. Think the dinosaur that blinds Newman (Nedry) in Jurassic Park.  This meat-eating little sucker spit on us and tried to blind us.  Luckily we ran screaming and barely escaped him.  We were a little shaken after almost being eaten alive so we tiptoed through the overgrowth and found a baby next to a triceratops.  Not sure what kind of parent would leave their child unattended in a dino-infested forest but luckily we came along to save this cute little girl.

 With the cutest baby girl in tow, we set off to escape the other sharp-toothed creatures lurking around the corner.  We made friends with some herbivores and they sent us on the safest path out.

 As it turns out, even the safe path led us to another predator.  Luckily his dino-sized brain was no match for our wits and we snuck right past him.  All we had to do was tell him he had something in his teeth.

 After making it to a safe zone we were free to practice our scared faces.  The sweet baby girl didn't seem too scared since she took a nap.  We, on the other hand, perfected the scared face.

 I wondered here what Cian was worried about and then I looked up to see ole sharpie in the background.  I didn't need to run on this day because I was getting my exercise in being chased by scales.
 We finally made it to the last swinging bridge but there was one small glitch.  This guy with the short arms.  We tried to sneak under him and again went by singing "If you're happy and you know it" but he was roaring loudly!  He was distracted by the clap your hands part...
 We made it!  We ran out of there but one of those guys followed us!  He was in quicksand so he couldn't get to us.
I think out dinotrek wore little Cian out because we didn't make it all the way through the rest of the zoo.  Cian said he had to rest and then started feeling bad and wanting to sit on every bench.  I guess that means we will have to go again soon!

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Amanda said...

Aww, that looks like fun! Glad you all had a good time.

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