Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I realize Mother's Day was Sunday. No, I haven't given my mom a gift yet.  Lay off me ok?
My mom and I in the hospital when my brother was born
My mom and I

But really, I couldn't let another year go by without talking about my mom.  (And I will talk about my mother-in-law one day this week too.)  My mom is probably the smartest lady I know.  So smart she can ruin a movie that is not historically accurate in 2.5 seconds.  All kidding aside, my mom is pretty amazing.  She has been a support system for me pretty much as long as I can remember and especially before I can remember.

My mom:

  • Waited during my entire first swim meet (which was hours long) to watch me swim in one thirty second race. She also let me sit in her lap when I was upset about this.
  • Coloring me photos just because
  • Sat through every dance recital and dealt with all the fluffy, frilly costumes.
  • Watched me play soccer. This had to have been gruesome and painful. (i.e. I sucked)
  • Cultivated my love for reading. I watched her devour books every summer in mere days and I emulated that.  I still try to.
  • My mom is the best lullaby singer ever.  She won't say so, she hates her voice but I remember her calming melodies.
  • My mom wouldn't let me slack when it came to studying for a test.  If I wanted her to quiz me and I didn't know the first couple of questions she would send me packing back to my room.
  • You won't find a photo of my mom since 1987. Except for the ones I am posting here.  It is true, she is known for ripping herself out of them.  I think this is silly because my mom is beautiful.
  • My mom is notorious for thinking things are lost when they are really in her purse. The rest of my family is notorious for poking fun at her for this.
  • My mom is a really good teacher. I didn't take her class but I know she has just enough wit to keep high school brats engaged and just enough sarcasm to keep them from running all over her.  Her class is also hard. I know this because people used to always ask me to give them copies of her tests in high school.  Ok genius, I will risk being grounded for eternity so you can cheat on the test.  
  • My mom helped with my wedding plans, she pretty much did all the leg work and research. She put up with me and helped me put my dress on that day. She helped with so much more, like becoming the woman I was that day and the woman I am today.
  • My mom answers the phone every day without fail and listens to me ramble on about my life and the it's daily trivialities.
  • She will call me if I go without calling her for a few days, just to check in.
  • My mom is an amazing grandmother.  She loves her grand kids and dotes on them constantly. She thinks they are the cutest things ever, which they are.
  • My mom taught me to be strong but loving and kind at the same time.  She has always listened to my crazy ideas and then didn't balk too much as I made them realities.  
  • I know she has done more than I can remember.  I know that especially now that I am a mother.  I appreciate every tear she dried, every scrape she bandaged, every diaper she changed, broken heart she mended.  I am thankful for all the dreams she made possible.

I love you mom!

My mom, my grandmother and I at my wedding

Four Generations

My mom with Cian

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