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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You know how you go trucking along in life thinking that you aren't aging and you are staying the same and then wham, all of a sudden you realize the days and months are passing by so quickly? Is it just me? I know this is so cliche and everyone says this, but after you have kids you really come to realize how fast the days, weeks and years are passing you by. Cian is approaching two very quickly and I can't belive he has been part of our family for almost two years! At the same time, I can't imagine our famly without him. For this reason, I feel it is so important to document our ever changing family. Cian will not always be this smiling, ball throwing, loving little guy. He will grow up and we will age as well (though I have decided I'm stopping at 30). We will add to our family and the dynamic will always be evolving. I want to have these moments and years on film (or hard drive) so that we may pass them down to our children and grandchildren one day. I want to be able to look back and remember who we were in 2010.

It just so happens that we know two amazing photogrphers (who just so happen to be amazing people). We had Chris and Adrienne Scott take some photos of our family when Cian was 18 months old. Below are the photos that are on a beautiful canvas on our wall. (You should come over and see it sometime).

Chris and Adrienne are so talented and did such a great job capturing our little family! These are truly heirlooms we will cherish forever!
Here is the portion of the blog where I give them a shameless plug: You can see the rest at or check out their site at Not only can they make you look this good but you are guaranteed to have a great time and laugh a lot while you are around them. Call them. It will be good for your health.

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