Ladybug Garden Tea Party

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baby Maggie is coming! My sister in law Amanda is expecting a baby girl on September 10th (the day after my b-day).

Amanda is one of the most selfless, generous and deserving people I know. She is not however one of the easiest people to surprise. She always finds out! When we threw her a wedding shower she was on to us long before she opened the door and we yelled surprise. We did manage to surprise her with a shower for her son Will but that doesn't mean Tracy (Amanda's sister), Rachel (their cousin) and I didn't jump at throwing a girly shower!

Baby Maggie Ann's room has ladybugs in it so we started with that and ran with it. We probably had the most frou frou party imaginable and it was darling! In true Becca and Tracy fashion we waited until the week of the shower to put everything together so we were up into the wee hours of the morning finishing tissue paper flowers and gift bags. (Christina, Tracy's lifelong friend, was in town as well and we recruited her against her wishes to help up with the girly ridiculousness).

There were a lot of people in town from St. Louis for the weekend of the shower, we used a housewarming party for Tracy as the decoy. We also had Rachel take Amanda shopping for a gift for Tracy before the shower as a way to get her out of the house and over to Tracy's after everyone else. I think she had the most fun job!

The colors we used were pink, green, red and black. We made tissue paper flower garland and flowers to hand on the walls. We used twine, clothes and clothespins as decor as well. (So great when your gift can also be decorations)! We had a diaper cake and a bunch of dolls and little tea sets. It was super girly and very fun!
In the end, Amanda was surprised and there were many family members and friends who were able to share the joy of a new baby on the way. We are so excited for a new family member and can't wait to meet little Maggie!

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