Mommy Monday. Poop.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Warning, this is not for the faint of heart! If you have a squeamish stomach leave now and come back later to see the cute baby shower post.

I learned this weekend that it is not a good idea to leave your unpotty trained toddler in the bathroom naked while you take a shower. Ever. I was getting ready for work on Saturday, I brought Cian in the bathroom with me so he could play on the floor while I took a shower. When I started the water he reached for the tub and started saying "shower, shower" so I put him in the shower. Well, he is not really one for water on his face so this wasn't really his thing. I took him out and just set him on the bathroom floor and got in the shower. I thought, "it will only be 5 or 10 minutes, he'll be fine naked." Uh-oh. I was showering and kept looking out to check on him. During one of these checks I noticed that he was squatting down in front of his little potty. I had a suspicion that he might have to poop. I said, "Cian, sit on your potty," and he got right on! I thought, sweet, he is going to poop in that thing.

The little potty plays a song after something is dropped in it (we haven't heard the song played from actually going in the potty yet but Cian has taken it apart many time to press the button on the bottom). I heard the song play and thought, awesome! But I looked out and Cian had just taken it apart but there wasn't a sign of feces anywhere. This should have been my cue to simply get out of the shower, but no--I was just signing along and enjoying the warm water. The next thing I know I smell something very foul. It had happened. I looked out and realized that it had happened all right, all over the bathroom floor! I have to give Cian an E for effort because he did poop directly in front of the potty. At least he was in the right vicinity. Unfortunately it was smeared all over the floor and he was standing right in it! EWWW.

I finally took my cue and was out of the shower in a flash. I didn't even have to turn the water off all the way, I just started filling the bathtub up for my little poop monster. Cian went right in the bath and I went right to my job as pooper scooper. The convenient thing about it being on the bathroom floor was that I could just clean it and throw it in the toilet.

I learned a very valuable lesson: Never leave a naked baby boy in the bathroom to his own devises. They might just end up all over the floor.

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mary leigh said...

Ok, and he a potty. Ugh, we are SO behind!

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