Mommy Monday: I have junk in the trunk...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Well actually I have junk in my belly. And by junk I mean a cute little alien being who will eventually grow and develop into a sweet little baby! Steve and I are expecting a baby in October. The official due date is October 16th but if this little bun is anything like it's brother he/she will probably be fashionably late. The due date is just two weeks before Cian's 3rd birthday.

Some things about this pregnancy:

  • I am sooo tired. The second trimester is coming soon and I am hoping I will get out of this tired funk I have been in. The difference this time is that I know there is another level of tired coming in a few months when I have a newborn. What I don't know is how difficult it will be to live my life by every two hours without being able to sleep during the day because I will also have a very active toddler running around.
  • Along with this I am going to be nightly around 8:30. I know Steve loves this as I usually leave him with the bedtime fight with Cian. I'll be back on my game soon, maybe.
  • I am slightly bigger at this point than I was with Cian. This makes me nervous because I don't want to be bigger at 40 weeks. Looks like my stomach just knows what to do this time.
  • I am still going to aerobics like last time and still running 3 or 4 days a week. This is me trying not to gain a thousand pounds. (Don't worry, the doctor said it was ok as long as I didn't so any marathons. That just means fulls right?..)
  • I keep asking Cian if he wants a brother or sister and he says sister every time, without fail. I honestly do not care either way what the sex of the baby is. I am praying for a healthy baby but I am happy with the miracle God has given me no matter what. He hasn't made a mistake in choosing us to be the parents for this baby.
  • I am super excited because I know so many people who are growing their families which means lots of friends for baby George.
I will post pictures of me soon but this is the actual size of our wija tiny right now:
We actually told our families a few weeks ago. We bought Cian a shirt that said "I am the big brother" and went over to each of their houses and let them see what the shirt said to figure it out. We had to give a few hints but I think everyone was excited for a new baby. This will be grandchild number 9 on Steve's side and number 2 on my side. This means twice the fun is coming in our house! Here is Cian in his big brother shirt from the weekend we told our parents. You can't really see the words because he is holding his favorite things int he world, his little toys. AKA, Star Wars Legos.


mary leigh said...

so glad the cat is out of the bag! I'm super pumped for you friend!!!!!

William and Karen George said...

So happy about #9!!!

Jennifer Burtram said...

Yippee! Babies are great!

Emily said...

Congrats friend! I can't wait to see you rock some cute maternity clothes with that sweet baby bump! So excited for you all! ♥

Amanda said...

Belly pics!!!

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