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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This weekend my godson Luke spend the night with us. This was a good chance for me to get used to having two kids to get ready before church. Only not really because Luke is 6 and can get dressed himself and brush his teeth. Unless this birth is like the SNL skit where the lady gives birth to Will Ferrell I will be getting both kids dressed. I did pretty well and we even had time to stop by McDonald's on the way. (Yep, healthy breakfast of champions--and I got a much needed diet coke).

We went to church and then came home to family nap time. Well everyone except Luke who played Little Big Planet. The weather was so nice that we went outside to play. This had us running around the yard, playing baseball and basketball and just having a good time while Steve mowed the grass and cleaned out the gutters. (Sometimes it is good to be the wife). I got some photos of them in the hammock but don't let them fool you, these guys were not relaxing in the swing for long.

I love this one, whatever Luke is doing has Cian cracking up

The boys got a great idea that they would jump off the picnic table. Cian was jumping to me and then Luke jumped off. When I turned my head to watch Luke my little jumping bean jumped off the table away from me and face-planted! I did reach over and grab him around the stomach and I am not entirely sure whether that broke his fall or made it worse. Luckily this fall only resulted in scratched on his face and no stitches.


Abby had to get in on the fun

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