Nursery Ideas: Owls!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

So it is true that I am only 13 weeks pregnant (photos Monday) and I have started thinking about a nursery theme. I actually started thinking about a theme a long time ago, before another baby was even confirmed or even conceived. I really like owls and I know they are popular but they are so stinkin cute. I think they could work for a boy or a girl as well.

I found these wall decals at and I looove them! She has a million with owls but these were two that I liked, one boy, one girl.

We have some work to do before we get to the nursery, we are going to move my computer into the dining room and make the computer room our bedroom then convert our current bedroom into wija George's room. We are going to move the furniture from Cian's room into the baby's room and get him all new big boy stuff.

I love the dwell studio owl bedding for a boy and the pottery barn bedding for a girl but I am kinda leaning toward finding something really cool on etsy. (Actually my dream is to make my own bumper and crib bedding but I have to get a sewing machine and learn to sew before that can become a reality).
There are my ideas. I am sure I will post more as we convert Cian's room to a big boy room and get room ready for baby 2.

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Stefan said...

I LOVE the owl stuff, so cute!

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