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Saturday, July 23, 2011

It is true that I haven't blogged in a long time and this is why....
I have been consumed with reading the three books in this series. My sister-in-law Tracy told me about them awhile ago and then I heard so many people talk about how good they are so I knew I had to read them. Yep, they were good alright. In fact they were downright addictive. This is the first series since Harry Potter that I had to read at stoplights, under my desk and at any free moments I had in the day. I will not give you a synopsis because you might have the same reaction as I did, "Oh wow, that seems dark." It is worth reading. Collins is poingant and makes you question humanity and your own actions in this post-apocalyptic North America called Panem. She captures the personalities of the characters and shows both the good and bad. Be ready to check out of society for a few days...

Lucky for you I am back in society and have a few overdue blogs for this week.

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