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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The nesting process is starting. We have a little over three months before miss Isla is here so I think it is time to get our house ready. Right? The first step of this was a new bed for Cian. I didn't want him to feel like she was stealing his bed so I wanted to get him a new one a bit before Isla arrives and make a big deal out of how cool it is.

I did research on the internet and we went to look for sheets before we bought the bed. We decided on Star Wars sheets (shocker) and I told Cian we would come back and get them when we went to get his bed. I left work early on Friday to pick him up and go bed shopping. We got the sheets first and Cian was upset because he couldn't wear them. The bed shopping turned out to be much more traumatic than I imagined. I couldn't find exactly what I wanted anywhere...until our last stop! I decided to go there at the last minute and it was 30 minutes before they were closing, oops! Cian climbed the bunk beds everywhere we went and desperately wanted one but I am not ready for him to be that high yet. He also enjoyed trying to jump on all the beds and mattresses we looked at. By the end I think he was starting to realize I didn't want him to jump. We looked in the store and there was a loft bed I loved but it was a bit more than I wanted to spend. I started looking at the twin beds they had and then found one that I liked in a magazine. It just so happened they had it in stock! Well, sold. We bought a bed and they loaded it up in the car.

Steve didn't get to put it up the night we got it but he got it up Saturday before I left for work. While Steve was putting it together Cian wanted to help and went to get his tools so he could help daddy. Once the bed was together Cian was excited about what he called his "new cool bed" and wanted to lay on Captain Rex on his pillowcase. He was also the only one that was supposed to lay on Rex, we had to go pillowless.

Helping daddy put the bed together

Checking out his new sheets...

He will grow into it...

One happy guy

So far the new bed is going pretty well. He is staying in it as much as he did his toddler bed and only wandering into our bed every few days. I can't believe how fast my little boy is growing up!

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Bonnie Nelson said...

Did Steve help influence the sheet selection? Cian looks sooooo little in his bed!

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