Cian's Third Birthday Party

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

When it comes to a party I normally go all out.  I mean like balloon animals all out.  As it seems there is an exception to this, having a two week old baby.  I decided this year to forgo the elaborate (and maybe sometimes over the top) decorations and just do a small party with immediate family.  We had Cian's party the Saturday after his birthday and had mine and Steve's families there.  I do love being able to get everyone together, which is truly the important party about celebrating and I really don't think Cian missed the balloon animals.  (Don't be fooled, there will be more all out parties to come.)

Cian, Will and Taryn
Cian with Meme and Grumpa
Cian got some pretty awesome stuff but the thing Steve was most excited about was the lego Millennium Falcon. This toy goes way back.  Steve has wanted this thing for year, not exaggerating.  It really help that our son also loves legos.  In fact, Cian got two lego sets and they had to put them together that night!

Cian wanted a Star Wars cake and Steve wanted to do an ice cream cake. We couldn't find a place that was liscenced to do the Star Wars characters so we just bought a cake and put some of Cian's favorite legos on it.  I think he thought they were new ones, oops...

Rob working on legos

The finished product

Amanda and Daniel, Ben and Bonnie and my parents were all able to come in from out of town which was wonderful!  We didn't do much, but did get some Star Wars plates, a tablecloth and put the legos on the cake thing.  The weather was great so we were able to spend some time outside. So far each year for his birthday we have been able to go outside and play!  I am so thankful for two great sides of the family to celebrate birthdays and every days with!!

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