Sunday, November 20, 2011

Last weekend Cian, Isla and I took a trip to Chattanooga to visit my parents.  Steve got into a beta for a video game he is really excited about and planned on playing non-stop for a few days so it turned out to be a perfect weekend for us to go.  While we were down there I got a phone call from my friend Laine that said we HAD to come to Normalpalooza because some of Cian's favorite people were there. I got a picture text with a photo of none other than Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper.  I knew we had to hit the road.  Normalpalooza was a fundraiser for a magnet school in Chattanooga and they had different activities and crafts, right up my alley.

Cian and Meme, searching for Darth Vader

Isla, Cian, Meme (my mom) and I set out on a hunt to find Darth Vader.  The entire drive there he kept asking if we were there to see the Storm Trooper yet.  When we arrived we immediately started looking.  It took some searching and some asking but finally we tracked down the Death Star, umm the 501st Midsouth Garrison tent.  Cian was in heaven, the Storm Trooper even let him hold his blaster!  Cian told them he liked Captain Rex and didn't want to leave those guys.

I had to practically drag him away so we could go find something to eat.  After meeting them and a jedi, Cian was desperate to get hit face painted like Batman-not eat lunch.  Sorry kid, lunch comes first.  I had seen a sandwich truck and they had a few sandwiches I really wanted to try.  I love the trucks that are so popular now so of course I had to be a sucker and eat at Famous Nater's.  I was torn between two amazing sounding sandwiches, the first was the Junior League, with turkey, cheese and red pepper jelly and the second was a Nutella pbj with nutella, marshmallows and rice crispies on toasted bread.  In the end my sweet tooth won and Cian and I split a nutella pbj.  Let me tell you that this thing was incredible.  It was also incredibly sweet but so worth it.


While we were eating Cian spotted Vader and his Strom Trooper walking around so mom took him to talk to them again.  When they got back there was no waiting for this kid to get his face pained.  We went searching for Batman.  We finally found the place and sent Cian off to transform.  When little mister perceptive and specific sat down in the chair he said he wanted to be Batman and pointed to the blue paint.  Well, the picture they had was black so naturally she painted the bat in black.  When she finished Cian told us he wanted to be blue batman from the cartoon that he and Grumpa watch all the time.  Oops, guess he knew what he wanted.  It was way past nap time and I think Cian was falling asleep while she was painting his face.

I am Batman
He was so excited to have his face painted and couldn't wait to get back to my parents house to show Grumpa.  What did my other child do you ask?  Well, she was cozied up in my Moby wrap sleeping the entire time.
Batman, mommy and Isla all wrapped up
On the way home Cian fell asleep and stayed asleep even after we got him back to Meme and Grumpa's house.  I was told that when he woke up he showed off his Batman mask and was given a mirror so he could look at it. He used said mirror to look at his face every few minutes after that.  He loved his Batman mask so much that he didn't let me wash it off until the end of the next day.

Sleeping Batman

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