Mommy Monday: Home with Two Kids

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yes, I realize it's Tuesday.  Story of my life.  We have been home with our new baby girl for over three weeks now.  I don't even know what day it is anymore and I can't believe it has been three weeks!  Our first week home Steve was here so we had a lot of fun as a family.  The next two and some change have been a little more hazy because sleep is not as abundant as it once was.

Coming home from the hospital
Isla is a pretty good baby but her little tummy seems to bother her a bit.  This makes her kinda fussy. I don't blame her, I would be fussy too, but it means a crying baby that wants to be held. a lot.  I am probably to blame for some of this, a. because what I eat she is also eating, I am thinking the ice cream cake might be hurting her stomach, b. because when she is crying she acts hungry so I feed her and start over the vicious cycle.  She also loves to be bundled up and cuddled.  I know the bundled thing comes from living in close quarters but I think I might be partially to blame for the cuddling part.  I mean I simply can not put this child down.  I was like that with Cian, who can resist holding such a sweet innocent little thing?  The other thing is that she will let me at this point, fast forward three years and she might not be so into the cuddling thing.  The bad thing is that she won't always let me put her down which makes it hard to get much done.

Cian is great with her!  He still loves to give her kisses and does so all the time.  He also likes to hold her when the mood strikes him.  He doesn't do this unassisted, don't worry.  Today he was holding her and told me to go get ready.  It was like he was saying, "Don't worry mommy, you get ready, I got this."   I think we will wait a few (or twenty) years before I leave those two alone.

I was expecting to me a lot more zombie like than I am now.  (I say that and have probably cursed myself.)  I thought I would be so deliriously tired that I might forget my name, that is not exactly the case.  I still know my name (as Cian would say it is mommy and Becca) but I do get a little cranky some days.  Sorry Steve.  I think the most trying moments are when Isla is crying or being fed and Cian is whining and needs something.  The other day I had my first comical and gross mom of two moment. Of course I have to share it with you.

We were visiting my parents and were home alone at their house. Cian had to go poop on the potty, which is an accomplishment right now at our house.  Well, when he told me he had to go poop I was feeding Isla and not with a bottle.  I had her lying on my boppy pillow so I put both arms under the boppy and scooped pillow and child up to walk to the bathroom.  While balancing one child, I made sure the other one got his pants and big boys down and with one arm hoisted him up on the potty.  The next part is where it gets really fun. Sometimes he takes a long time to sit and go potty, I mean like 20 minutes while he reads his Star Wars book or watched a video.  Yep, he's a male.  This time he went potty with lighting quickness.  I was not finished feeding his sister.  I got all excited (the proper poop response) and told him how proud I was.  Post poop you can't exactly let a toddler run around and create skid marks on his big boys so I had to find a good way to wipe his bootie while nursing a baby.  Ewww.  I was not exactly in the best position.  I will spare you gory details but the tushy got cleaned, hands were washed, baby was fed and all was well.

Cian and Daddy lost their arms.  I think Cian's might be in his shirt...


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Amanda said...

Hahaha....I remember those days. Still have some, of course. The joys of two little ones!! So sweet, so challenging. We'll miss it for sure one day.

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