Four Month Photos

Monday, April 30, 2012

I love documenting our family.  I love taking photos of us just living in moments in addition to the big  things like holidays and birthdays.  This also means sometimes I miss moments because I am behind a camera.  Hmm, small price to pay.  I can not document my family as well as a professional photographer can.  I have lots of friends who do this job very very well.  A couple months ago Christina Campbell from Eternal Treasures Photography came to our house to shoot some photos of our ever-growing baby girl.  We decided with Isla to do newborn, four, eight and twelve month photos instead of newborn, three, six, nine and twelve.  Mainly because we saw that some of those months didn't necessarily allow enough time for change with Cian and because I just plain ole can not afford to support my photo junkie habit that often.

We did this session in Isla's room at our house.  As you know, our house is not the biggest or always the cleanest place on the block so I had to do some picking up to make it semi-photo worthy.  I am so happy with the way the photos of our sweet little thing turned out.

 Cian woke up from a nap during the photo session and was not too happy at first about having his photo taken.  I don't think Isla was too happy about sharing the camera.  Honestly she just wanted to chew on it for a little while.
 He warmed up pretty quickly and wanted to be the center of attention.  Who needs photos of the rest of us right?

I am so glad Christina was able to capture our family at this stage in our lives.  I am also glad Steve complied with my complaining and took his shoes off to get photo with all our little feet in it.  I can be very annoying, umm persuasive.

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