Little Dream House: Isla's Room

Friday, April 13, 2012

Moving on in the tour of our house, which by the way is the longest tour you will ever take, we will move to Isla's room. Thanks for waiting around for weeks.  Isla's room has lots of DIY touches but has yet to really have her touch. Cian's room is full of his toys and things that he loves but Isla's, while it does have toys, hasn't been made "hers" yet.  I hope she will love it as much as I do!

I know I blogged about her room here, but a few things have changed and I didn't want to leave her room out of my little dream house.  The wreath on the door was made by my two best friends in the world for my baby shower and I love having it in her room.

Can you tell the walls are striped?  They are the exact same shade but a different finish.  It was quite an adventure getting these to look the way I pictured.  (Yep, blogged about that here also.)  It took a few tries to get it right but I love the way the stripes turned out.  We also made the magnetic board pictured.  I got the frame from a friend who owns a local frame gallery, we spray painted it pink, covered a piece of metal in fabric and hello, cuteness!

My sweet friends made the accordion flowers for my shower and we ordered the wall cling from Etsy.  This is where my sweet little munchkin lays her head.

The dresser that went with her bedroom set broke so we took one from my grandparent's house to use.  I was afraid it would really clash with the wood furniture but it turned out ok!  I also made the banner above the photo for a styled shoot for Modern Vintage.

We had some great gifts, like the photo and the owls above.  They fit perfectly in her little ole room.

My friends made the Isla banner above and I made the paintings featured below.

Why Isla's room is special: I have already spent many nights calming my sweet baby down in here; drying tears, singing her to sleep, watching her roll over and play with toys.  I have nursed my sweet baby and seen her go from a newborn who couldn't see twelve inches in front of her to an infant who is looking around and soaking in everything around her. I have listened to her baby laugh and squeals and watched my husband become a tender, loving dad to our second baby.  I know there are are lot more memories to be made in this room and I can't wait to experience them.

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