Monday, April 9, 2012

He is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!  I love candy, Easter egg hunts, that sweet bunny that brings it to me, but most of all, I love Jesus.  Year after year I am still in awe of the empty tomb and so thankful that when that stone was rolled away my king was gone.

I always have to work on Easter Sunday and I am lucky that my church also happens to have a Saturday night service.  I usually volunteer and work with children for this service but this year I actually went.  It was amazing, but it felt strange not being with the kids!  I am getting ahead of myself.  We started the day off with an Easter egg hunt and petting zoo at the country club where I work.  I look forward to this all year because there are the cutest little baby animals that seriously  make me squeal like a seven year old girl.  This year I took the kids with me to work and Steve came up to meet us when the event was winding down.

Two week old pig. I wanted to bring this one home.

I realized two things during this egg hunt, 1. my child was brattier than most of the country club kids, 2. my kid thought yelling at the animals would bring them to him.  In all fairness, he wasn't mean yelling but he would just get right up next to a bunch of baby ducks and say, "hey duck, come here".  It kind of reminded me of this snl skit where Mark Wahlberg talks to animals.  Much like Mark, Cian talked to many animals that day.  I heard, "come here piggy piggy," then when piggy didn't come over there,""mom, that piggy doesn't like me." It was fun and sweet watching him play. He also really liked the Easter bunny.  I think it is because he thought he would be getting something.  I guess that explains the first thing I learned.

Photo from The Tennesseean
As I mentioned, Saturday night the kids and I went to the World Outreach service which is held at the Murphy Center every year.  This is close enough to walk, so we walked up there.  I felt completely strange at fist sitting the arena and not helping with children's ministry but after listening to the music and hearing the sermon I was excited that I was there.  Lauren Alaina (I just found out who she was last week, I am behind on the pop times)  was there and Charlie Daniel's played "How Great Thou Art" beautifully.  The sermon was about unlikely believers.  Jesus didn't choose the pious and self righteous, the perfect pretenders. He chose the sinners, the sick, the ones who needed him the most; the hard-hearted,  the fair-weather, the outcasts.  This gives me hope, for me and for those who are unlikely believers.

After service we met Miss Pattycake who had been at Cian's service and Cian went down a big ole bouncy slide.  When he go to the top he started jumping and wouldn't come down then when he finally came down he did so on his stomach. The guy manning the slide had to start telling kids not to jump and to go down on their bottoms after that.  Yep, that's my kid.

Steve walked up and met us on the way home and we enjoyed a nice walk home as a family on a gorgeous evening! 

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Amanda said...

Heh, Will would jump and land on his bottom too. :) Sounds like you all had a great Easter!

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