Cian and Isla's "Spend-Over" Birthday Party

Monday, November 11, 2013

Cian has been really into spending the night with his cousins and grandparents lately.  His love for "spend-overs" as he calls it has been spreading and he pretty much asks anyone if he can spend the night at their house.  I mean everyone and has no shame in asking.

We promised him that he could have friends over after we moved into our new house so a "spend-over" birthday party was a perfect opportunity.  We had a joint party for Cian and Isla (their birthdays are 13 days apart) in the evening and invited everyone and then invited his friends and cousins to spend the night.

I had seen this amazing party where the family made a blanket fort and I really wanted to do that to have the party in and for the kids to sleep in overnight.  We served breakfast food and had yummy cupcakes and cookies for dessert.  I decided the cupcakes didn't have to match the theme and let Cian and Isla pick out what type of cupcakes they wanted.
Favors and Halloween Candy
 The party was the day after Halloween.  The weather was especially crappy on Halloween night so we knew we would have Trick or Treaters.  The favors also doubled as breakfast in the morning!

 I used an old doll bunk-bed for the favors and a doll bed that had been my cousin's for the cupcakes/desserts.

 We did a build your own pankcake station for dessert with cool whip, nutella, syrup, and berries.  I also made an egg white and kale breakfast casserole and had fresh fruit. 

 The kids ran around like wild animals and had a blast!!

Most of the kids minus Finley, Caleb and Maggie

This was the popular gift, Cian got four of them!!

The loft area in the family room is a popular spot to hang out
Grandma and the little girls

Breakfast on Saturday Morning
Invites: Designs In Paper
Cupcakes: Cedar City Cakes
Cookies: Signal Mountain Cookie Lady

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