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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My two year old pitches fits if she doesn't get to wear what she wants.  I am not kidding people.  She loves to pick out her dresses and is even very particular about the shoes, "hair boats" and sweaters that go with each thing.  She has these sleeveless dresses she loves to wear and it is a fight to get her to wear things underneath them!  Here are some things Isla wore recently:
Sweater and leggings: GAP
 Boots: Wal Mart

Eventually she added a skirt from Target
Dress: Target (summer dress she still HAS to wear all the time)
leggings and shirt outfit: khols

 Isla can. not. wait. to see the photo you are taking. Usually she runs up to see it before said photo is actually taken
 Dress: Once Upon a Child (consignment)
Shoes: Once Upon a Child (consignment)
Sweater: Target

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