What Isla Wore

Friday, November 29, 2013

This week Isla wore determination, love and a little bit of feistiness.  
Isla is two.  Along with two comes some struggles and battles of wit.  I just hope that 99% of the time it is me can out wit this child.  She know what she wants and won't hesitate to fling herself in the floor if she doesn't get it.  I pray that she will keep her strong will but will lose the fits.  Along with some toddler breakdowns she gives the sweetest hugs and kisses and nothing compares to hearing her say "I lub you".
Please ignore the messy room in the background

This week Cian wore love, devotion and thankfulness. 
Cian loves the heck out of his sister.  Does he totally act like the oldest child and tell her what she is and isn't supposed to to and tattle on her at any given opportunity? Yes.  But does he look out for her, share his food and toys with her and talk about how much he loves his sister? Yes.  On his thankful board at school he wrote that he was "thank you" for his sister.  (Umm, does that melt a mamma's heart or what??)

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