Cian's Birthday Party, the party

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cian in his two birthday shirts. Auntie Nina made one and Mary Leigh's sister made the other. Yes, he had a wardrobe change.

After all the planning and crafting, Cian's second birthday party finally arrived! We had the party on November 13th. The theme for the party was "What are little boys made of?". What are they made of you ask, why snips and snails and puppy dog's tails of course! I have to admit that I went a little overboard with the decorations, etc. but that is what I do right?? It's only overboard if you consider spending countless hours neglecting your family so he could have a noteworthy party overboard. That's not bad right? Seriously, I didn't spend as much time this year with his party as last year because I had a friend to share the crafting with. Mary Leigh was a lifesaver and it made the work much more fun! I will save the details post for tomorrow but today I will show you all the wonderful family and friends that were there. Amanda and Daniel came from Birmingham and my parents, my aunt and Ben and Bonnie came up from Chattanooga.

We had enough sugar there to keep a kid going for a week. I am still eating candy and cake for breakfast. This might also be because I haven't gone to the grocery store in a few weeks.... Tracy was nice enough to let us use her house for the party since ours is not quite big enough. Her kindness resulted in the loss of one swing and a broken bed. (It was actually just the drawers under the bed but that doesn't sound nearly as dramatic).

The kids on the swing before the bottom ripped off

As soon as Steve and I got there to set up Taryn wanted to put on the puppy dog ears we had as "party hats". Being the sweet aunt and uncle we are, we said she couldn't wear one until the party started. This didn't stop her from being persistent. It also didn't help that I let the cat out of the bag and told her there was a dog nose in the favor bags. I didn't however let the dog nose out of the bag. (duh dum chhhh).

Cian, his cousin Taryn and Kylie (babysitter's daughter)

So far we have gotten lucky two years in a row and the weather has been warm enough to play outside. We grilled out this time and all the big kids were able to go play four squares.

Caleb and Kyle (cousins) playing basketball

Justin! He took the time out from being a rock star to baby birthday with us. (insert shameless plug for the Protomen here. But really, Justin is awesome).

Paul and Bianca--they are awesome too!

It was fun to see Cian open his presents this year because he could do it a lot better than last year. My child now has more toys than he can play with. I think this means we can go light on Christmas this year. I told Santa to keep this year small and add on to next year.

Will was a great helper with the gifts
Testing out the new drum

Ben and Bonnie, Bonnie has her kitty ears on

We had a really good time! I had to leave after the party to go to work so Steve had to do most of the clean up. (No, it wasn't on purpose).

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