Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ok, so it looks like the Rocket City Marathon in December is not going to happen. I am kind of sure this is God telling me I was trying to cram too much in that weekend. (Work Friday, run marathon Saturday morning, work Saturday night and go to Steve's Christmas party). Yes, Steve was right the entire time by telling me I shouldn't run the marathon. God confirmed it. Now I have this debate as to what marathon to run. I really want to run Disney on January 9th but I am not sure about finances and spending that much money to go to Orlando again. Selfishly I really want to go down there because that would be the coolest place to run your first marathon! I would love to see Belle while running through the park. Thinking realistically I am not sure it would be wise to do that right after Christmas.

Since my mileage is up so much I would like to run one soon and not lose the momentum I have gained but if I have to wait until Music City in April it wouldn't be the end of the world. Despite not having a firm decision or date for my marathon I am still going with my training! Here is what my week this week looked/looks like:

Monday: off (supposed to be cross train)

Tuesday: 4 miles easy, step aerobics

Wednesday: 7 miles sprints (1 mile warm up 10 quarter mile sprints with quarter mile recovery in between and 1 mile cool down)

Thursday: off

Friday: 6T (1 mile warm up 6 miles at marathon tempo and 1 mile cool down)

Saturday: Cross trail

Sunday: 15 mile long run
Wish me luck!

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