Veggie Tales Live

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The week before Thanksgiving was a busy week for us. We had a doctor's appointment, I went to see Harry Potter, I worked a wedding away from SRCC, we went to a skating party and we went to Veggie Tales Live! (Not in that order) Cian just loves Veggie Tales and Bob Mano and Cumber. (Bob the Tamato and Larry the Cucumber). I was a bit nervous about how he was going to do since he has never been to a movie, much less a live show. We got there and immediately hit up the merchandise stand. (Yep, I have always been a sucker for the merch). I resisted the urge to buy each cd and movie they had there. Cian wanted to wear this bob mano hat and wouldn't take it off so I bought him a hat and a t-shirt. The hat was promptly taken off as we found our seats. Good thing he didn't do that before we bought it...

I got there early to get a good seat but wasn't very bright because I spent the "early" time shopping and didn't get into the sanctuary until about 15 minutes before the show was supposed to start. I wandered around aimlessly looking for a seat near the front (yes, I tried to sit near the front for veggie tales when I normally sit near the back for church). I couldn't find a seat that wasn't occupied by a coat or a purse (I felt like Forrest Gump, seat's taken) so we headed up the steps to the stadium type seats. This is more my comfort territory anyway.
We found a seat in the middle of an aisle near some kids Cian's age and he immediately went over to try to talk to a little girl. She was scared and her mommy was giving me the eye. I told them he was just friendly and her mom seemed to be ok with him going to sit by her daughter. That is until he tried to hit her. Oops. The show started and Cian was somewhat captivated for at least 5 minutes. It was actually pretty great and I was singing the songs and dancing in my seat but I think I must have embarrassed Cian because he wanted to sit by everyone else. The little girl and the woman on the other side of us who had a sleeping newborn and a video camera. I think Cian got in the way of both of those. Her video sure will be cute with Cian yelling Bob Mano in it though! The lady in front of us was taking pictures and Cian kept looking at her camera screen and saying Cumber or Bob Mano when he saw them in the photos. I think I got him to sit down for an entire song and then it was time for intermission. We walked around during the break, this was a big mistake. I don't think Cian had realized there were stairs he could walk up and down until this point. When it was time for the second half to start we made our way back to our seats. I could tell the video camera lady was excited to see us back to our seats. This time Cian made friends with the little boy in front of us.
He also decided that he wanted to go sit with them instead. (I think I must have stunk).
Much to his dismay he had to sit with me. The second half was just as entertaining for me, I sang and danced in my seat but Cian kept asking to go to the stairs. I thought that maybe he wanted to go down them and dance with the kids in the aisle so when there were just a few songs left we got up to go down the steps. Well, mommy was fooled. He didn't want to dance to "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything", he wanted to walk up and down and up and down the steps. If you heard a kid screaming that was mine, because his mean mommy wouldn't let him walk up and down the stairs in a dark theater. The show ended as Cian was crying at the bottom and we headed home to go to bed. I should point out that he screamed for something to drink the entire way to the car and when we got there I gave him his water from Chick-Fil-A only to realize that he has poked a hole in the styrofoam cup and the water had leaked out all over the cup holder. I didn't realize this before I gave it to him so it also leaked out all over his seat and his clothes. This makes a tired toddler very happy.
We made it home and got in jammies and managed to get a smiling picture with the bob mano hat. I would count the night as a success with a few glitches.

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