Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The mornings are getting colder and colder and it is getting harder to get out of bed and run. I am so glad I have a group of people to run with or I think I might skip it. True Story. Patterson Park where Inormally work out/cross train is closed this week so I am missing my Joanna butt kicking. I am hoping to fit a swim in at the MTSU rec center in place of those gym days. My training schedule this week is:

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 7T (one mile warm up, 7 miles marathon tempo, one mile cool down)

Wednesday: 8 miles

Thursday: One mile repeats (not exactly sure what this is, guess I will find out Thursday)

Friday: Swimming!

Saturday: 16-mile long run

With the uncertainty about a marathon date I am afraid I will be a little more lax on my training. I am finding that I am eating a ton and just thinking, "oh it's fine, I will just run it off." This is not ok! This has me eating junk and candy all the time! I actually gained a few pounds last week. (Ok, only four but those pounds can add up quick).

I had some friends that ran the ragnar relay last weekend and I am not afraid to admit that I am super jealous. The relay was from Chattanooga to Nashville and you had a team of about 12 people who took turns and had different "legs." It started on Friday in Chattanooga and they ended on Saturday in Nashville. What is fun about being crammed in a van, not sleeping for two days and having to run 17 miles you ask? Not sure, but I am sure I want to find out next year. I am in next year, I am just calling "not it" for running the Monteagle Mountain part.

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