Two years..

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Two years ago I was dog tired in the hospital with a newborn that I had absolutely no idea what to do with. I got to see the face I had been waiting 9 months to look at. The face that would forever change my life. I became more than just Becca, I became mom.

A year ago today I had made it through the sleepless nights of the newborn phase, I had a crawling (not yet walking) little baby who was learining how to communicate with us and crawling into everything! A little boy who had a great arm and could call us mama and dada and loved pestering the doggies.

Today, I have a full on two year old boy. One who lets you know (with lots of words) what he is thinking and what he wants. I have a boy full of personality and full of love. One who love to watch "tales" (veggie tales) and see Bob Mano and Umber. (Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber). One who loves George, curious george, and bring him everywhere he goes. One who likes to read his bible and calles Noah snowman. I have a boy who says "wuv ooo" and gives kisses. This boy also screams and says "don't like it" if I pick out the wrong shirt for him to wear. (These days are kind of a struggle getting dressed). My two year old has a look that he gives right before he does something he knows he is not supposed to do. He loves to sing and dance and pretend like he is falling off his rocking giraffe. (It is the cutest thing, I will post a video sometime). He loves to play baseball and pretend like his legos are a gun.

My life has changed so much in two years, it is amazing how one little person can touch your life so much that you know you will never be the same. The love you feel for your child is like no love you have felt before. I can't think of a cooler guy to hang out with (well Steve is pretty close) or anyting I would rather do than spend time with my boys. We will always be Cian's mom and dad and he will always be our little bee bop.

Happy Birthday Cian bee bop! We will always love you and be thankful for you.


Amanda said...

So cute! I was already planning a similar birthday post for Will in my head. It's crazy how much we think alike sometimes...

Becca George said...

Haha, we do think so much alike! That is why we get along so well. :)

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