TV Boy

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I have a son who loves to watch TV. I mean this is the first thing he wants to do when he wakes up. I normally hear a "mommy"and then a "can I watch....(fill in the blank with the movie of the week)." He is really starting to get into the movie and tv watching and playing with his toys while he watches. For instance, we were watching Despicable Me and Gru (the main character) has a freeze ray. Gru points the gun at people and yells "freeze ray" and as you can imagine, they freeze. While Gru was freeze raying people Cian grabbed his biggest gun and pointed it at the tv yelling "freeze ray".

I was able to catch some of his playing on camera the other day when we were watching Dave and the Giant pickle. He was watching and when the pickle went down he started yelling "the pickle went down and jumping up and down". A. I love his enthusiasm. B. I love his enthusiasm about veggie tales.

Watching intently

That pickle is going down!!

The celebration! Way to go Dave!!

We always have to make time for hugs with mommy.

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