Mommy Monday: Names

Monday, June 20, 2011

I worked a church camp last week called Character Quest (an entire post will come on that soon) and one of the days we did an activity where they asked the kids what their names were and asked each of them to tell a story about how you got your name. They also looked up the origin and meaning of everyone's name. I really liked the activity and it got me thinking about my kids names and their stories.

I know each of my children will write their own story, a story that began within me. I wanted to share the story of their names:

Cian, Irish and Gaelic origin. Meaning: ancient. Steve and I started looking at names almost as soon as we found out we were pregnant and could not decide on a name, all the boy names we picked out were ok with one of us, but none of them stood out. One Sunday we were at his parent's house looking at baby name books and we found the name Cian. We both liked it instantly. It was different (something we were looking for) and it was Irish. Steve's family is Irish so we were excited to name our baby something Irish. We picked out some girl names that night as well. At this point we didn't know whether he was a boy or a girl. The very next week Bill and Karen received a book in the mail. (I actually have no idea what this book was about). There was a boy in the story named Cian. None of us had ever heard that name before, so when they called us to tell us about the book we knew we were having a little boy. (Well we were pretty darn sure). God has a cool way of letting you know things. Sure enough we were having a boy and out little Cian Matthew had a name.

Isla, origin: English, meaning: Scottish Island. Our little Isla isn't here yet but she still has a story that is beginning. As she is being knit together in my womb God is working on the story of her life. With her we also didn't know if she was a boy or girl when we picked out a name. We decided not to talk about names this time until we found out the sex of the baby. I was looking at a web site called Pinterest, (and unless you need another addiction don't go there) and saw a maternity photo of a girl holding up a sign that said Isla Harper. I loved the name! I had heard that one before but hadn't thought about it. I brought it up to Steve and he liked it too. I had a feeling after seeing that name that we might be having a girl. (God is good at giving clues). I was afraid I might be wrong with this one but I wasn't! I can't wait for Isla Kathering to be here so we can have a face to go along with a name.

My name is Hebrew and means, Bound. Steven is English and means Crown.

There is our name game for Monday!

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Anonymous said...

the girl with the sign saying "isla harper"? she is my best friend from high school. hahahaha. so weird.

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