Father's Day

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This year I had plans to give Steve his Father's Day gift on Father's Day. Turns out a two-year-0ld can't keep a secret about a gift. We went on Saturday morning to pick up the gifts and I called Steve on the way home. Cian asked to talk to him and said, "Daddy, we got you a movie." Well, cat one out of the bag. When we got home Steve was outside and Cian ran around to the back of the car and said, "mommy, get the Star Wars." Cat two just jumped out too. By this time Steve had realized he was getting a movie and new that the Star Wars meant legos. I was still going to try to wrap them but Steve just came around to the back of the car. Yep, that's how we roll in the George house, no wrapping--just stuck in the trunk.

My parents were on their way up so we were spending the day with them but that didn't stop Steve from immediately building some legos.The building was interrupted by a trip to Chuy's and some playing in the yard but Steve managed to put together a ship and an ATAT in record time. This also inspired him to put together all the little ships Cian had taken apart and put them all in one place.

We had fun running the yard and watching Star Wars with my parents. Cian love his Meme and Grumpa. (Unfortunately you won't see a lot of photos of Meme because she runs when the camera comes out).

It was nice having a Saturday off and spending time with the family!

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Naurnie said...

so cute. soooo cute. i once ruined a similar surprise when i was a child, except i told my dad we had had portraits made by yelling at him from the car window.

i have always thought your dad was precious, by the way.

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