Mommy Monday: Helper

Monday, June 27, 2011

If you know me then you know I have not always been the tidiest person. My room in high school had strategically placed spots so that I could jump over all my junk and make it to the bed. In college our house got cleaned before parties and that's about it. Now I am much cleaner than before, but still not up the the standards I would like to be. (Or the standards Steve would like me to be, haha). I am a bit bad at leaving my stuff everywhere. My son did not get this from me. He likes for things to be put away and closed. You also should know that in our house clean clothes might sit in a basket or on our bed for a few days (who am I kidding, a week) before they are folded and put away. Cian decided last week that he wanted his clothes put away the day the were washed so he helped.

We will have to work on separating and folding but this is a start!

All put away, in the same drawer...

All drawers and doors must be closed according to Cian

A little dance

I secretly think he did this to get out of bed time for a few minutes, but any signs of cleanliness work! Cian also loves to go put his plates and bowls in the sink after he finished eating. I really hope this behavior continues and it rubs off on me!!

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