Five Months Old

Monday, March 26, 2012

 The last month literally flew by.  I feel like I just posted about how Isla was four months old.  (Do I say this every month?  I mean it this time.)  My baby is almost half a year old, which means I have work to do on a birthday party.  My priorities are in line I promise.

  • You rolled over, last night.  No one saw you, so it is kind of like the tree in the forest thing, but when daddy went to get you out of your crib this morning you were on your belly. (confession: I wrote this last week but didn't take the photos until yesterday. You actually rolled from your back to stomach yesterday and then back over from your stomach to back.)
  • You desperately want to move.  You have been pushing with your legs while lying on your back to try to get where you want to go.  Gulp, this could get interesting.
  • You still want to sit up all the time.  Your are NOT happy on your stomach.  You want to be held sitting up a lot too, still my fault.
  • You are still a giggling, smiling, cooing sweet bundle of joy.  I love snuggling you even when you grab my hair and yank as hard as your little baby fist can yank.
  • You have a bunch of adorable long sleeved and pants 3-6 month clothes that you probably won't ever get to wear.  It is the mid 80's in March, not normal.
  • You still aren't quite into your 3-6 month clothes but I am trying to put them on you anyway because they are so darn cute and I want you to be able to wear them.  I may not get what I want.
  • Your brother still loves you, even if he tells me to put you down sometimes.  He actually tried to sneak into your crib and sleep with you.  I think sharing a bed will have to wait until you are a bit older.
  • You are a captive audience right now when we read books.  I think it is because you want to eat them.
  • You are doing well eating your cereal and you have even eaten some baby food fruits.  I need to feed you some veggies so you have a ghost of a chance to eat them, unlike your brother.  I swear greens are good!

One month, two months, three months, four months
five months

I love you sweet baby girl! I am so thankful for each and every day I have with you even if they seem to be flying by.

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